Correct Neck Massage Method Easy and with steps

In order to ensure that you get the best result from massaging your neck and to benefit from the health benefits of this habit, you must learn the correct neck massage method, and in this article we will learn how to do it.

The neck region is one of the areas that are exposed to a lot of stress for many people, especially in the workplace, which includes sitting a lot on desks and in front of computer screens.

Sitting for a long time without changing the sitting position every time, causes some pain in the neck, which often extends to pain in the back and spine.

Therefore, the neck area is a very important area, and special massage sessions are devoted to it, as this area is the separating area between the chest area that contains the heart muscle and the area of ​​the main nerve control center in the body, which is the brain.

Neck massage benefits

  • Get rid of the pain that is present in the neck vertebrae, which results from muscle contractions in this area, as well as decompression that is in the neck vertebrae as a result of sitting for a long time in the same position.
  • Activating blood flow in the neck area and from there to the brain to increase focus, as there is in the neck a major artery from the heart called the carotid artery, which is used to check the pulse, so massaging the neck works to stimulate blood flow through this artery and from it to the brain, and thus brain cells can perform their functions.
  • Reaching a state of comfort and relaxation and avoiding daily pressures, as these massages work to remove the pain in the muscle tissue and vertebrae in the neck area, which helps the person reach a state of relaxation.

Neck massage method


  • The place is prepared, where a comfortable bed suitable for the comfort of the person receiving the massage is placed, as well as taking into account placing a towel under the neck and shoulders area in order to make the place clean, especially with the use of massage oil.
  • The height of the bed must be suitable for the masseur, so that he does not feel tired while performing the massage.
  • In the absence of a bed, a comfortable seat can be used, where the person sits on the chair and the masseur is behind him to do the massage.

Massage steps

  • Begin by pressing in order to define the muscle nodes in the deep tissues

The pain that affects the neck area is mostly due to the formation of muscle knots inside the deep tissues, so it is necessary to start by pressing only on the muscles in the neck area and not to massage, as the goal of this step is to locate the places of pain in the neck area, which is a knot Muscular.

  • Light massage to warm up the muscles

After the muscle nodes in the neck have been identified, the massage is started, and the massage should be in a light pattern using only the fingertips, as this type of massage works to bring the person to calmness and not tension, as well as help in relaxing the muscles.

The focus is on the area where the neck meets the shoulder, and the ring, middle and index fingers are used to massage this area or fingers that suit the hand of the masseur and his position, and the massage is up towards the neck and then down towards the shoulder.

  • Thumb pressure

In this step, the thumb is placed and focused on an area of ​​the neck, and the other four fingers are on the other side of the neck, and constant pressure is applied to this area by the thumbs, in order to focus pressure on it.

The thumb is moved up and down along the neck, in order to intensify the pressure on the entire neck area.

  • Make circular motions

The thumb is used in the massage with circular motions, in order to stimulate blood flow in the neck area, and to loosen the muscle knots in this area.

  • Kneading and rubbing

The hands are used to knead and rub the area at the back of the neck and the area where it meets the shoulder, as this area is the most susceptible to pain in the neck.

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