Create your own set of amazing massage oils

Create your own set of amazing massage oils

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods for relieving various body pains, feeling relaxed, de-stressing, and restoring vitality and activity.

There are many types of massage oils according to use, and massage oils are distinguished by their strong and distinctive smell, which helps to give the skin an attractive smell, and these oils contain many vitamins that the skin needs to look healthy and smooth. So massage oils can be used for both health and aesthetic purposes.

Many types of natural massage oils can be made at home in simple and inexpensive ways.

Almond and Lavender Oil to Relax:


4 tablespoons of almond oil.

10 drops of lavender oil.

10 drops of rosemary oil.

10 drops of bergamot or orange oil.


Mix the oils well and put them in a dark bottle so that they are not affected by the light and keep in a dry place until use.

Jasmine and Cardamom Oil to replenish energy:


12 tablespoons of jojoba oil or grape seed oil.

6 drops of lemon oil.

5 grains of cardamom.

3 drops of jasmine oil.

3 drops of peppermint oil


The oils are mixed and packed in a dark bottle and left for 7 days in a dark and dry place, shaking daily to extract the oils in the cardamom.

Vanilla and rose oil to enhance intimacy:


Two tablespoons of almond oil.

Two tablespoons of rose oil.

10 drops of lemon oil.

10 drops of vanilla oil.

5 grains of black pepper.


Mix the oils and black pepper in a dark bottle and store in a dark place for 7 days, shaking it daily.

Sandalwood oil and cinnamon to relieve stress and restore vitality:


8 tablespoons of almond oil, olive oil or sunflower oil.

6 drops of sandalwood oil.

5 sticks of cinnamon.

5 drops of jasmine oil.


Mix the oils well, add cinnamon sticks, and keep the oil in a dark place for 7 days, shaking it daily.

How to use massage oils:

Use the appropriate blend of oils to suit your personal needs on clean skin. The oil is tested on a small area of ​​the skin first to ensure there is no sensitivity towards its ingredients. The body is massaged and the oil is left on the body and does not rinse.

  • Sunflower oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil are among the best options for oily skin, as these oils are characterized by fast absorption and low density.
  • While almond oil and olive oil are among the best options for dry skin because of their skin-moisturizing properties and they contain many fatty acids.

Choose the mixture of oils that you prefer and suit your needs, enjoy a clear mind, get rid of body pain, rejuvenate your energy and restore your activity.