Cupping for women: between benefits and damages

Cupping is used to treat many diseases and, like other alternative medicine treatments, has many benefits and harms, so what are the benefits of cupping in women?

Cupping for women

Alternative medicine has been known since ancient times for its important role in the treatment of many diseases, such as cupping medicine, which has many benefits and harms for women, here is the following article to illustrate the importance of cupping in women.

Cupping in women

Cupping therapy in its simple sense is to create fine openings in the skin by swaying and removing rotten blood loaded with toxins, drug residues and harmful impurities from those openings in certain places in the body.

Types of cupping in women

There are 3 types of cupping, each of which has its own use, which are as follows:

  1. Dry cupping: This method depends on changing blood pressure in the body and does not require tapeto the exit of the rotten blood through suction cups, and in this way a glass cup is used to place on a specific place in the body, and the air is emptied with a dedicated suction device.
  2. Wet cupping: This type of treatment slits the body in order to draw blood from areas where there are suction cups, making blood flow stronger and stimulating the body to produce more red blood cells (RBC).
  3. Skied cupping: This type combines wet and dry cupping, where cupping positions are painted with oil such as olive oil or mintoil, and then stir supplattered cup cup to collect rotten blood under the skin.

How to use cupping in women

Cupping is done by applying the steps below:

  1. The room for the volume is heated.
  2. The patient lies on his stomach and lifts his clothes off his back, and his back must be erect.
  3. The candle is lit by the pilgrims and set aside.
  4. The therapist must wear a sterile medical glove to start making cupping.
  5. After disinfecting the skin place puts a working paper funnel of the candle in a glass cup dedicated to the cup, quickly and gently at the same time fastening it on the back position.
  6. Install another cup on the opposite position of the first cup, then with all the force tightens the skin until the rotten blood is removed from the body.

Women’s cupping tools

The following tools are used in cupping:

  • Cupping cups, known as air glasses, are made of handmade glass and are available on the market.
  • Medical sterilisation of superficial wounds.
  • Jellyfish or candle.
  • Easy-to-ignite paper cones.
  • Sterile medical gloves.

When should a woman resort to cupping?

Women are distinguished from men by the fact that they go through the menstrual cycle, through which they lose a lot of bad and clotted blood, as they are considered a natural way to detoxify their body and regenerate blood.

However, women go through a period in which their menstrual cycle is interrupted, either for medical reasons or because of menopause, and cupping becomes the best alternative for women to get rid of toxins in the blood and many diseases.

Benefits of cupping in women

Cupping treats many diseases that affect women according to the following:

  • Helps reduce vaginal bleeding in women.
  • In menopausal, women are more likely to be exposed to many diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and cupping, and cupping is significantly prevented from developing these diseases.
  • Cupping helps reduce the risk of renal insufficiency and visual impairment.
  • Treatment of menstrual disorders.
  • Treatment of pcic problems and poor ovulation.
  • Helps with migraines.
  • Treatment of rheumatism problems.
  • Relieves shoulder and neck cramps.
  • Treat suplate of limbs by increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

Harms of cupping in women

Although there are many benefits to the size of women, they should be avoided in the following cases:

  • When a woman is exposed to severe anemia.
  • When her body is in a state of severe weakness and weakness.
  • During menstruation.
  • In case of severe colds or high temperature.
  • Women with hepatitis C.
  • AIDS patients or any cancerous tumors.

Tips for making cupping for women

The following conditions must be met during cupping in women:

  • It is necessary to make sure that the tools used are clean, sterilized and the cups disposed of after the need as they are only used once.
  • The therapist must wear medical gloves during cupping to prevent the transmission of diseases.
  • Iron-containing foods should be eaten after the day of protest.
  • Eat at least one hour before cupping.
  • Put an antiseptic of alcohol on the scalpel place to sterilize and prevent contamination.

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