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tourism in cyprus

tourism in cyprus is one of the best places for tourists, cyprus is one of the largest islands on the shores of the mediterranean, it is the jewel of the heart of the mediterranean, making it boast many advantages of the charming green nature, warm waters. attractive beaches, archaeological villages, high mountains, lively cities.

tourism in turkish cyprus

  • the island of cyprus is located specifically in southern turkey and is divided into (turkish cyprus and greek cyprus), closely linked to europe. as for the meaning of the name cyprus, it is copper metal and is renamed by that name for its old metal fame.
  • it also has many different cultures and is inspiring to civilizations.
  • cyprus residents of turkish origin speak fluent english. it is also fully independent, if you visit cyprus you feel that you have not departed from the official turkish border.
  • it also features many villages with attractive narrow streets, dating back to the middle ages.
    its beaches are very picturesque and its climate is warm.
  • the tourism on the turkish island is particularly beautiful at night, with the atmosphere filled with greek music, magnificent lights, stunning scenery and restaurants serving the most delicious cuisine.

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cost of tourism on the island of cyprus

cyprus is a wonderful island by all standards as mentioned and has many advantages and tourist and archaeological cities, and in addition it is close and low costs. it has many tourist and leisure places so you have to calculate the cost of travel in order to be able to visit all these places of attraction and archaeological attractions, and below we will learn about the cost.

accommodation: accommodation in cyprus varies depending on your choice and budget there is a room in a distinctive hotel or a place on a simple beach. the cost is between $10 and $25 per night.
food in cyprus: food in cyprus is varied from main courses of vegetables, soup, meat and desserts, and the food is also delicious and delicious. the cost is from $2 to $45 as you wish.

transportation: there are plenty of transportation available, ranging in price from $2 to $4.

leisure and tourist activities: cyprus has many attractions to visit simply, for example the average castle entry price starts at $1.

official language: turkish and greek, but they are good at english so you find most of the population speaks english.

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السياحة في قبرص

cyprus islands

there are many tourist attractions located on the island of cyprus and are wonderful and distinctive and this is what we will know the next lines.

famagusta city

  • located in eastern cyprus, it is famous around the world because of its largest port, which is anchored by many cruise ships.
  • as for the monuments there are (mustafa pasha mosque, monastery of st. brianna).

akamas peninsula

the akamas peninsula is quiet and doesn’t have a lot of residents, so if you’re quiet, stay away from the crowd, mountain biking and walking, you’ll be the perfect place.
it also enables you to discover wildlife, as well as discover the history of the peninsula through a visit to the former mosque of andronicus and the church at present. it was built in the 16th century.

nicosia city

nicosia is the capital of cyprus but is divided into two parts there is no other capital which is northern cyprus of turkey, and the greek cultural republic in the south.

monuments: there are many wonderful museums, the most famous of which are:

the byzantine museum, where you climb to the 11th floor, will see the green line dividing the island.

السياحة في قبرص

paphos city

paphos is the cultural capital of cyprus because it has many diverse monuments and heritage, the most important of which is the tombs of kings adonis, which made cyprus the most important attraction for arab visitors and travelers and its high economy. in addition, it has many warm baths, waterfalls and many places worth visiting, which are among the unesco world heritage sites.

shopping in cyprus

  • there are many shopping places in cyprus, but the most famous is ledra street, where you can see many valuable traditional objects.
  • there are also many shops and restaurants that serve food at reasonable prices.