Description of publisher theme tutorial

The Publisher Theme template is one of the best templates for WordPress, which is developed by a large team working under the name of Better Studio and through this template we can create, design and manage the sites of magazines, news, blogs on the content management system WordPress and other things that site owners are interested in.

This template occupies the forefront in WordPress templates it is almost the best template you can use for your site as it contains many features and things that will help you in bringing many visitors as it is in terms of search engine optimization it is very well supported by certified Google experts.

Features of the Publisher Poplessure Template

The Poplicher template contains a lot of important features for every website and for website owners, let’s now take a look at the most important features of the Poplicher template:

  • This template is used on more than 160,000 websites.
  • The Poplicher template includes more than 200 demos or pre-customized themes to apply to your site at the push of a button.
  • Powered by Google’s certified SEO experts
  • Compatible with all screens, devices and different sizes.
  • It supports more than 30 different languages including Arabic and deservedly.
  • The template contains more than 20 paid plugins to let you customize and design the right for your business.
  • The Poplesser template supports Google’s Accelerated Pages or AMP feature that improves the speed of the site on the phone.
  • It also supports the feature of instant articles from Facebook.
  • The fastest WordPress templates in browsing speed.
  • More than 100 places to place ads.
  • Full support for Google Adsense ads and their features.

This is a very small thing of the features in the template and you can get to know the features of the Poplicher template in a clearer and more detailed way you can visit this link: Poplicher template link

We will also learn about the features of this template in full by following this detailed explanation on the SEO world:

Description of publisher publisher theme complete lelvordbris

In the first part of the explanation of the template we will be exposed to:

  1. Install, install and activate the Poplar template
  2. Install Poplicher template plugins
  3. Fixing appearance or demo
  4. Website logo and name settings
  5. Translate Poplessure template into Arabic
  6. Logo settings, website name and header
  7. Adjust lists and set up labels
  8. Font settings
  9. Color settings
  10. footer settings


Explanation of the Publisher Template Part II

  1. Edit the site icon
  2. Edit the displayed home page name
  3. Explanation of the theme options menu within the Publisher Poplicher template


Explanation of the Publisher Template Part III

  1. Privacy Notice Settings
  2. Edit the home page name in the list
  3. Widgets counters in WordPress Poplicher template
  4. Sidebar Setups Poplicher Template
  5. Modify the home page in the Poplicher template.


Explanation of the Publisher Template Part IV

  1. Complete the edit on the home page
  2. Create and add a page Contact Us
  3. Add a Editors page


Explanation of the Publisher Publisher Template Part V

  1. Delete inactive plugins from WordPress.
  2. better studio.
  3. Explain the activation of weather better weather.
  4. better social counter.
  5. smart lists pro.
  6. Explain the reviews or ratings in Poplicher.
  7. Prepare notes.
  8. Explain the financial package.
  9. Description of referral of al-Maqqalat.
  10. Comment settings in Publication.
  11. Google Search explained.
  12. Package plugins and files.
  13. Content protection settings from theft and copying.
  14. Thumbnails in Poplicher.
  15. Explain better ads and install ads in a poplicher template.
  16. Explanation of the newsletter pack.

Now that we have completed the explanation of the template in its entirety in the hope that we have provided you with more information and additions that you need in this template, and we are also happy to receive your comments about your experience of this template and whether there are problems facing you in the Poplicher template, we will respond to all your inquiries.