Discover the amazing benefits of baby massage!

Massaging the baby’s body
  is  one of the most popular methods  for him, as massage works to calm the child until he sleeps, and massage has several benefits such as facilitating digestion, easing teething pain, gaining weight and improving blood circulation.

What do you know about the term baby massage?

Baby massage is to immerse your fingers on the child’s body lightly and with regular movements, using moisturizers or oils to help the hand easily penetrate into the child’s skin.

Madam should massage all parts of your child’s body daily, including the ankle area, wrist and fingers, and while you are massaging him gently, you can sing to him or talk to him so that he is busy with you and reassures you more.

You should know that massaging the child stimulates the hormone ( oxytocin) in him, which is known as the hormone of satisfaction, so that a feeling of satisfaction, love and warmth is generated for you, for your child, and even for your husband if he watches you .

Baby massage benefits:

Remaining calm, stable, and unperturbed.

His growth and the speed of development of his mental and physical awareness.

Reducing incessant crying.

Being close to you and increasing his bond with you.

Sleep comfortably.

Pre-massage needs:

A good room in which mother and baby feel comfortable and not disturbed or disturbed.

The warmth of the room and the absence of any cold air in it.

Put the baby on a soft towel.

Oil or massage cream.

Clean towels so that you can clean the child in an emergency.

Diaper and changing requirements.

Clean clothes for your baby to wear after the massage

Let your baby enjoy total nudity during the massage, but if the weather is cold it is okay to cover his chest.

You have to be careful when choosing an oil or moisturizing cream, make sure of your child’s body skin type to choose what suits her.

We recommend choosing vegetable oils when massaging because they contain a high percentage of (linoleic) acid, which is one of the acids that are more gentle on the skin, such as safflower oil, and oils that contain oleic acid are less gentle on a child’s skin, such as olive oil.

Baby massage method:

Pour in a small amount of the oil or cream, and make sure to warm it up by rubbing the solution with your hand first.

Rub it lightly on your baby’s skin, we recommend that you start with the legs because the baby used to touch his legs during the diaper change.

Make a gentle rub from his legs and head upwards, and apply gentle pressure on the thighs and lower leg.

When massaging your baby’s chest and stomach, place your hands gently in the center of his body and then spread your hands out on the sides, as if you were turning the pages of a book.

If you feel that the child is enjoying the massage, do not cut off these moments from him and continue to caress his body, unless he is satisfied and you will notice this sufficiency.

Oils not preferred for use on baby’s skin:

There are oils it is preferable not to use on the child’s skin because of the irritants that may cause him, including:

Unrefined peanut oil.

Mustard oil.

Water cream.

It should be noted that studies have shown that massaging a child in the first days of his life does not make him vulnerable to jaundice or jaundice, and if his injury heals very quickly.

Baby massage helps newborn mothers get rid of the so-called postpartum depression that most women suffer from. When a mother rubs her little baby, she makes her feel more confident as she sees her child and talks to him and sees him communicating with her eyes, these moments may be special and distinct between the two parties.