Does massage help in treating muscle spasms?

Yes, massage may help in treating muscle spasms, for several things, which will become clear to you by reading this article.

What is a muscle spasm?

A muscle spasm is a sudden contraction of the muscle, so that the muscle is stiff, accompanied by a feeling of sharp and sudden pain, and sometimes the spasmodic muscle is prominent on the surface of the skin.

Muscle spasm often occurs after a great physical exertion, that is, a muscle effort in which the muscle has been subjected to multiple contractions, as the muscle suffers some stress at the beginning, which with its continuation eventually leads to the occurrence of a muscle spasm.

Symptoms of a muscle spasm?

  • The sufferer of muscle spasm complains of sudden and sharp pain in the muscle.
  • When a spastic muscle is detected, it is stiff and prominent, so that it can be seen on the surface of the skin.
  • In some cases, a person feels hot in the area of ​​the cramped muscle.
  • The person finds it difficult to move the muscle or make any muscle effort.

Causes of muscle spasms

  • Muscle spastic injuries often occur during any physical activity, in which the muscle undergoes successive contractions, causing severe stress to the muscle.
  • Also, one of the reasons leading to muscle spasms is exerting a lot of muscle effort in hot weather, as exerting a muscle effort requires more blood flow to the muscle with food and oxygen and the production of energy and in the presence of hot weather, the muscle loses its water, which reduces the flexibility and flexibility of the muscle And, with the successive occurrence of contractions in the muscle and the drying out of the water in it, the muscle stiffens and spasms that prevent it from moving, and it stops suddenly while it takes a contraction mode, causing acute pain.
  • Also, one of the causes leading to muscle spasms is an imbalance in the blood supply to the muscle that is exerting an effort, and this imbalance in the blood supply often occurs due to the narrowing of blood vessels, which results in a lack of food access to the muscle and thus a decrease in the production of the necessary energy for the muscle to perform its function, with an increase in The effort exerted by the muscle and with the continued lack of blood supply to the muscle, the muscle will experience a sudden contraction, which is called a muscle spasm.
  • One of the reasons that cause muscle spasm is the disturbance of nerve signals to and from the muscle, and this often occurs due to pressure on the nerve, especially the nerve in the pelvic region located below the spinal cord, where it is pressed by the pelvic bone, and this pressure causes changes and disturbances in access The nerve signals to and from the muscle, and when the muscle exerts some effort and with disturbances in the nerve signals in the muscle, the muscle also suffers from disturbances in its contractions, which leads to a spasm in the muscle.
  • The occurrence of disturbances in the balance of some minerals in the body, such as potassium and magnesium, leads to a disturbance in the work of the muscle and its contractions and diastases, which causes a muscle spasm. This disturbance in the balance of minerals in the body is caused by taking some medications.

How to treat muscle spasms with massage

  • The recommended procedure for a muscle spasm is to rest the muscle with a light massage, as massage sessions bring the muscle to a relaxed and relaxed state.
  • Muscle spasms occur with severe pain and warmth accompanying them, and massages work to remove this pain by massaging the muscles with the nerves adjacent to them, which causes obstruction to the arrival of nerve signals for pain to the brain, and it is preferable to use a towel wet with cold water, in order to reduce the severity The tension in the muscle.
  • But if the muscle spasm causes pain without hot, then the massage is done with the presence of hot oil in order to relieve the pain, it is also preferable to take a hot bath, which causes relaxation of the muscle and eliminates the pain.

How can a muscle spasm be prevented?

  • Make sure to drink water constantly, especially in hot weather.
  • Eat healthy food rich in nutrients.
  • Take a break, even for ten minutes, when you are doing continuous exercise or physical activity.

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