Download 5 apps to learn a language on your phone

Two main reasons that can dissuade people from learning a new language are: “It’s too expensive, I can’t afford lessons” or “I don’t have the time, I work”. But these excuses no longer have any place in the 21st century! We are evolving in a world of new technologies that are constantly developing. Learn about a tool as simple as your mobile phone? You won’t be able to say no!

Learning a new language is now much easier than it used to be. First there was the appearance of the Internet, then later the development of all other technologies: laptops, tablets, phones, etc. The possibilities to learn a new language nowadays are endless, all it takes is a little motivation!

“Learning a new language is too expensive”

The good thing about phone apps is that most of them are FREE! A simple download on your mobile and that’s it, you have access to all the necessary tools to start your language training.

“I don’t have time to devote myself to language courses”

There are many possibilities to “find time” in your daily life. Do you take public transport morning and evening? Is your doctor’s waiting room usually full? Do you often queue for your administrative papers? Is your friend late for your appointment? Mobile apps give you the opportunity to practice the language on a daily basis, WHEREver and WHENever you want. In addition, apps are usually built as short exercises or steps to pass, giving you the choice of how much time you want to spend learning per day.

We have selected for you 5 mobile applications to learn a language online. Each of them has its peculiarities so that you find the one that suits you. You will be able to download these apps for free on your phone.


Application Duolingo

Duolingo seems to be the N°1 application chosen by Internet users to learn a language. The application offers you different lessons, each of which brings you new words according to the theme of the exercise. You will be led to listen, read and write in the language learned, and photos will be there to guide and help you. Any successful lesson brings you ingots through which you can “buy” options such as timing your exercises or taking a quiz to test your level.


Application Memrise

As the name suggests, Memrise is a mobile application that helps you memorize words and phrases in the language you learn.Your job is mainly to repeat the same words, either by writing or choosing the right answer from a list. At the end of each word session, you get the complete list, highlighting the words that have been harder for you to learn, based on your mistakes and the time taken to respond! You won’t waste your time with this app…


Application Langue - PowerVocab

PowerVocab is an application that plays with words. It could thus be associated with a dictionary: a word is given to you in the form of a card and you must choose the right definition. This application has been designed for lovers of words who usually indulge in games such as Scrabble, crossword puzzles or the Hangman! PowerVocab helps you expand your vocabulary in the foreign language of your choice and deepen your knowledge.

Rocket Languages

Application Langue - Rocket Languages

With Rocket Languages, you mainly practice the language orally. The exercises make you repeat words or dialogues through audio recordings, and you must record yourself to follow your work and your evolution. In addition, you have the option to download the audio lessons to your mobile if you want to listen to them later without returning to the app. Be careful though, Rocket Languages restricts some lessons to its Premium members, so note that you will have to pay to have access to all the exercises of the application.

Download Rocket Languages to your >>> phone

The mobile app: step number 1 to learn a language

Note that these mobile apps will help you acquire useful vocabulary and the basics of the language, but don’t expect to become completely bilingual in the language you’re learning! Learning a new language is, above all, learning to COMMUNICATE with others. Using a mobile app will help you get acquainted with the language, you will learn its grammar and pronunciation, but complete mastery of the language will be done through other activities.

Remember that a language is supposed to be spoken, or at least allow you to understand, communicate and TRANSMIT a message. Do not restrict yourself to the Internet, but also discover the “real world” around you! Listen to music in the language of your choice, watch movies in V.O., find tandems with whom to share your own language, travel where the language you learn is spoken, etc.

Whoever learns a new language acquires a new soul.”

(Juan Ramon Jimenez, Spanish poet)


Application Tandem

Learning a language is even more fun when you have someone interesting to practice it with! About 2 million people use the Tandem application, whose concept is to help each other improve in the language of each of the participants. With Tandem, learners exchange instant messages and voice messages, share photos and communicate live with their tandem partners. They also benefit from practical tools at their disposal to translate or correct the language. If necessary, certified tutors are available for intensive private lessons.