Dry Skin Massage, Your Way to a Cotton Feeling Body

Many of you are wondering what is a dry massage? What are its benefits? By mentioning it to you in this article

Dry massage or dry brushing is an easy practice in which rubbing the skin with natural fibers to stimulate the organs and increase blood flow

The process of massaging begins from the foot to the neck, and brushing toward the heart should always be done. I mean, from bottom to top

Benefits of dry massage:

It helps you drain the lymph nodes and cleans the lymphatic system 

– Helps get rid of accumulated dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fights skin dryness, cleans clogged pores, allows the skin to breathe, and gives the body energy and vitality 

Helps fight cellulite

It prevents the appearance of stretch marks. The appearance of stretch marks is associated with dryness, lack of elasticity and imbalances related to the growth of skin cells.

Make sure to use natural moisturizers to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, such as shea butter or cocoa butter 

Helps improve blood flow. 

– It helps to greatly soften the skin, so your complexion will be smoother, more elastic and stronger with regularity. 

Massage and dry cleaning give the body energy, so it is best done in the morning and avoided at night 

How to choose the right brush / 

It is preferable to choose a brush made of long-lasting natural fibers whose fibers are soft and not tough in order not to scratch the skin, and it is preferable to choose a brush with a long arm to facilitate access to all areas of the body

Dry massage method /

Always toward the heart from bottom to top Always start from right to left and preferably done in the morning 3 times a week 

Rub with a brush until the skin turns pink. And you must stop after that and not continue rubbing so as not to scratch the skin

  Massage your body for 10 minutes, and make sure not to last longer

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