Facial massage before bed and its benefits

Many women prefer to do a facial massage before bed, to appear more comfortable, as it works to renew activity, as it activates the sympathetic nervous system, and purifies the mind through refreshing smell and good breathing.
And during the following lines: “Madam. Net” tells you how to do a face massage before bed.

First: preparing for a facial massage before bed

Facial massage before bed
Facial massage before bed

Put a few drops of an essential oil such as bergamot, ylang ylang, or sandalwood in a napkin.

Dim the lights with soothing nature sounds.

Keeping a hot cup of decaffeinated tea is a soothing sleep ritual, and it fits beautifully in preparing for a face massage and warms the hands as well.

Wear an eye mask (optional), but gentle pressure applied around the head can help relax.

Second: massage the face before bed

Facial massage before bed
Facial massage before bed

– Place the tissues impregnated with essential oil in front of the nasal passages, and inhale at the maximum capacity or five times, and fill the abdomen with the chest, and repeat this method five to ten times.

And if you feel wandering in your mind, think of inhale while breathing and exhaling, as using scent enables the body to breathe in a diaphragm fashion, or completely to get a complete exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which relieves you of anxiety.

With strong pressure, move your hands up from your eyebrows, and hold your hands together in a “handshake” manner, up to the middle of the forehead, and up toward the hairline with moderate to firm pressure, and repeat this step several times.

– Massage your forehead in circular motions, move your hands from the middle of the forehead towards the temple, then return to the middle of the forehead, and do this several times, as the movement calms down, and helps soften the forehead and relax the body.

– Do a massage of the bone of your nose, start by pressing it and slowly progress towards the outer corners of the eyebrows, then put your fingers above the eyebrows (and the thumb below them) to grasp the entire edges of the eyebrow line, and repeat this step several times.

– Put your middle finger between the eyebrows, then put your other middle finger directly above it, and follow three small circular movements with two fingers, which increases the pressure as you progress, and repeat this step in the opposite direction, then repeat it three times in each direction, then press and hold for three to Five times slow.

– Put your fingers (holding the tea) on each closed eye, and gently press your fingers on the eyelid, you will feel that the eye is moving slowly inward, and it is preferable to repeat it several times.

– Do a massage directly under the eyes, and repeat this to dissipate the tension in the eye muscles, allowing the body to surrender faster.

– Place the middle fingers bilaterally on either side of the nostrils, and repeat the spiral movements of the pressure point from the top to release sinus pressure, which can disrupt sleep.

Move the hands slowly to hold the jaw muscle; With moderate to steady pressure, in an upward circular motion, to release the tension, then apply pressure to the jaw pressure points that align with the lower part of the earlobe.

Move your hands to the sides of your face so that your fingers cut the ears, working from the jaw and the sides of the ears up towards the temples, and repeat this step several times.