Feet massage: benefits and ways to help

Foot massage is one of the quick remedies for various foot problems that can relieve pain and muscle tension and relax, so what is foot massage? What are its benefits to the body?

The feet are the closest part to the ground of the human body, and its full weight falls on it, in addition to the feet being linked to many nerve points in the body, so they need constant massage and care.

Foot massage is a type of treatment that focuses on a specific area in the foot to treat some medical conditions, so it is based on treatments similar to Chinese medicine .

The principle of the foot massage is mainly based on the principle that the body’s energy flows to the feet, and in the event that this energy is blocked, it can affect the entire body.

What are the benefits of a foot massage?

Foot massage helps achieve many health benefits for the body, including:

  • Improving and stimulating blood circulation

Studies indicate that if you massage the feet daily for 10 minutes, this will help stimulate your blood circulation, and this is important for people with diabetes .  

You may feel a lot of back pain as a result of tension in the muscles in it or because of great exertion or long sitting.

And you can get rid of those pain by massaging the joints of the feet to reduce the burden on the spine, so you can feel the relaxation of the muscles in your back.

  • Revitalize body functions

Chinese science has proven involuntary reflexes in the feet, as every part of the body is connected to some part of the foot. When pressure on certain areas of the feet, all body functions are activated.

  • Remove bulges

There are areas in the feet that correspond to the lymph nodes, and massaging and pressing them allows the entire lower side of the body to drain, so it is an ideal way to get rid of the heaviness of the feet and feel comfortable.

  • Help reduce blood pressure

Stress and tension can cause a significant rise in blood pressure, but regular foot sessions can help treat high blood pressure problems as well as treat migraine problems .

  • Improving the performance of athletes

A foot massage not only relieves the aches your feet are subjected to, but it can also prevent injuries, heal faster if you are injured previously, and strengthen your feet to improve athletic performance.

What is the method of foot massage?

There are many different ways to massage the feet, depending mainly on the condition, including the following:

  • Sit in a relaxed position 
  • Prepare warm water and place it in a bowl suitable for the feet
  • Put the feet in the warm water basin for at least ten minutes
  • If desired, you can add some essential oils to the water, such as lavender or lemon oil
  • Gently scrub and massage the feet to remove dirt and dead skin 
  • After completion, the feet are dried with a towel, and you can massage them again using a special foot massage cream.

Feet Health Tips

Since the feet have great importance and a close relationship with all parts of the body, so they should be taken care of well, here are some tips for a healthy foot:

  • Ensure that the foot is free from any fungal infections by examining the heel and nails
  • Wash and clean the feet daily
  • Put the feet in salt and hot water for half an hour
  • It is recommended for those suffering from sweaty feet to change the insoles of the feet every six months.
  • Take care to clean and moisturize the heel area to prevent cracks in the feet and use a foot stone to remove dead skin
  • Buy shoes that are foot-friendly and not pointy
  • Wear cotton socks and change them daily.

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