Foot Diseases Map | One of the benefits of foot massage

In the event that you feel a disease symptom, you should not initiate painkillers, you should search for a foot map for diseases and accelerate pressure with the thumb of your hand on the specific point that relates to this painful symptom on the soles of your feet to reduce the feeling of pain, this type of treatment is a scientific fact It is not a superstition, and it was used by the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, and doctors in the modern era made a lot of improvement and development and became known as the science of reflexology.

What is the foot map?

The American scientist William Fitz Gerald imagined and drew a map of the feet, as there are many points in both feet that are related to certain organs and systems inside the body, and when pressed on those points or one of them, the body and the associated organ are affected by the occurrence of major changes. Connected to specific points in the sole of the foot, and in the sole of each foot there are more than 7000 nerve endings called reflexes compatible with every organ and system within the body, and when pressed on these reflex points, the nervous system is activated and stimulated and the energy pathways open and potentially congested Or blocked.

Body organs and locations of the nerve endings represented in the foot

  • Liver

It is located on the right side of the body, and is located according to the foot scheme, on the right foot under the little finger.

  • Gallbladder

Its location on the map of the feet is in the right foot next to the liver.

  • the heart

Its location on the body is on the left side, and its associated reflexology point on the sole of the foot is on the left foot, under the little toe.

  • Spleen

The spleen is located on the left side of the body, and the point attached to the spleen and its nerve end, according to the foot diagram, is located in the left foot below the heart.

  • Appendix

The location of the point represented in the feet map. Its location on the right foot.

  • The rest of the body’s organs and systems also have reflection points on the feet chart.

Among the most important benefits of a foot map, or what is known as the science of reflexology, are the following:

  • Menstrual pain

The pain associated with menstruation severely affects women and some mental and mood disorders occur to them throughout its duration, but with the use of the foot map by pressure and massage for the internal and external reflection areas on each side of the joint that connects the foot to the leg, which are the reflection areas of the uterus and vagina for women, and activating these areas by pressure It works to improve blood circulation to the genitals and helps to maintain psychological and mood balance for women during this period. It is preferable to use a warm spoon and press it two to three times a day during the period of the menstrual cycle, and this will help reduce menstrual pain and its duration.

  • Headache treatment

A large number of people complain of headache pain, and the foot map can be used to get rid of these pains, as the big toe on the right foot as well as on the left foot are the reflection areas associated with the head and neck areas, and the treatment method varies according to the headache condition, in the case of pre-headache feeling Then, make small circles with your thumb on the big toe on the right foot as well as the big toe on the left foot, but if you already feel a headache, wrap a piece of cloth moistened with warm water around the toes, then make a vibrating motion in a weighted form to stimulate nerves and stimulate reactions For head and neck, finally stimulate the big toe two to three times daily.

  • Treatment of problems associated with digestion

One of the most common problems dealt with by foot map is those that accompany poor digestion, as the middle part of the foot is the reflection point or the nerve center associated with the stomach, and to reduce this problem, pressure is applied along the edge of the middle part of the foot by pressing down on a ball Golf or any small solid ball, this reduces stomach fatigue, and increases stimulation and stimulation of the nerves in the middle of the foot helps to open energy pathways for the organs related to digestion, such as the stomach, intestine and colon. Thus, it helps blood flow and circulation to these organs, which reduces digestive problems.

  • The foot map also helps to relax, maintain energy balance and stimulate the role of the immune system

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