foot massage method Step-by-step

Foot massage method

In this article we will explain the step-by-step foot massage method to make the most of the massage.

Many people suffer from foot pain, which is mostly due to standing for a long time as some have work that requires standing for long periods, and actions that include repeated bending of the knee, can cause pain and inflammation in the feet.

Massage and massage are effective and frequently used in the treatment of foot pain.

It is worth mentioning that foot massage is not only a treatment for the pain in the feet, but also the benefits of foot massage are many as it is used to treat a lot of pain in the body, due to the fact that the lower foot contains the limbs of nerves in the body, so massage these nerves relax, and cut off nerve signals that convey pain to the brain.

The foot area is one of the most important areas of the human body, which is massaged frequently to relieve pain.

Foot massage method

Preparing for a massage

  • The patient or person who receives the massage is lying on his stomach, his legs are stretched out and in a comfortable position, so that the patient is calm and relaxed.
  • A towel is placed under the feet in order to absorb the excess oil used during massage.
  • The feet are washed with warm water at first, for at least ten minutes, as warm water relaxes the muscles, thus feeling more calm and comfortable.
  • Some aromatherapy oils can be added to the water while washing your feet.
  • The feet are drained from the water before starting a massage.

Foot massage steps

The feet are initially painted with appropriate oil, such as almond oil or eucalyptus, in order to reduce friction during massage, and to make the patient feel comfortable and calm.

Foot massage has several ways, ranging from massage, rubbing, kneading and pressure, and varies depending on the area to be massaged, and the work of foot massage can be summarized as follows:

Massage the upper or front of the foot

The person grabs the front of the foot, so that the thumb is in the sole of the foot, while the other four fingers are on the other side of the foot.

Gently pressed by thumb in the upper area of the foot, then massaged and gently rubbed.

Heel massage

The heel area is more rigid than the front of the foot, so intense pressure is exerted in this area, in order to affect the deep tissues in the heel area, and this pressure is also done by thumb, after which massage is done using circular movements.

Ankle area massage

The ankle area is the joint that connects the foot and the leg, so it consists of a group of bones and cartilage, and this area is massaged using a scrub method to affect those bones and cartilage.

Massage area of the soles of the foot

It is the arched area between the heel of the foot and the upper part of the foot, which is also a sensitive area, which contains many nerve limbs, and the best way to massage this area is to gently squeeze, where pressure works to stop the transmission of nerve signals of foot pain towards the brain, thus preventing pain and giving the patient a feeling of comfort, relaxation and calm.

Massage toes

These fingers are pulled outward, each finger separately, which may cause a sound that is somewhat like a crackling of the fingers, this tension benefits the feeling of comfort and relaxation in the person, and these fingers are massaged, as well as the areas that separate them.

Full foot massage

Eventually, the masseuse massages the foot completely using thumb pressure and rubbing in circular motions, in order to relieve more pain and bring the patient to the highest level of relaxation.

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