Foot map of diseases | One of the benefits of foot massage

Foot map of diseases in case you feel a symptom of a disease, you should not take painkillers, you should look for the foot map of diseases and speed by pressing by the thumb of your hand on the specified point which relates to this painful display in the soles of your feet to reduce the feeling of pain, this type of treatment is a scientific fact and not a myth, has been used […]


| foot massage method Step-by-step

طريقة مساج القدمين

The way to massage the feet in this article will explain the step-by-step foot massage method to make the most of the massage. Many people suffer from foot pain, which is mostly due to standing for a long time as some have work that requires standing for long periods, as the actions that involve bending the knee frequently, can cause […]


Benefits of olive oil to massage the feet and its way

تدليك القدمين

The benefits of olive oil for foot massage are often massaged using oil from natural oils, including olive oil, which is the subject of this article, where we will review the benefits of olive oil for foot massage. You can download this 6-step file for a healthy foot massage using olive oil, which will ensure you get the most out of it in the right way. You can download it […]


The method and benefits of soaking the feet with water and salt and massaging them | Great.

فوائد نقع القدمين بالماء والملح

The benefits of soaking and massing the feet with water and salt in this article will address the benefits of soaking and massaging the feet with water and salt. The use of water solution with salt in the soaking of the feet is known for the effect of this solution in the treatment of foot pain and swelling, which is often experienced by adults, who spend long hours working in a parking situation. […]


The benefits of foot massage and the right way | A lot of benefits.

فوائد مساج القدمين

The benefits of foot massage is one of the most important types of treatment that man has known for millions of years and is still recognized to this day, and we will explain in this article the benefits of foot massage. This type of treatment is used to get rid of many health problems, the most important of which is physical stress and pain affecting the […]

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