Get the perfect massage for your swollen feet

Get the perfect massage for your swollen feet

At the end of your long day, my lady suffers from the problem of swollen feet due to long hours of standing up to accomplish your daily tasks or even as a result of exercising or shopping for a long time.

Madam we offer you a set of tips to relieve the problem of swollen feet.

Causes of swollen feet  

Swollen feet are an annoying and distressing thing for you and your comfort due to a group of reasons that lead to the emergence of this problem, which we will list to you:

Standing for long hours, especially if you wear uncomfortable shoes.

Fluid accumulation in the tissues and muscles of the foot.

Exposure to a specific injury or trauma to the foot, such as a sprain or fracture.

– Because of obesity and overweight people, where your weight causes an additional burden on the foot and its muscles.

The problem of swelling of the feet may increase when the menstrual period approaches .

Some medications, such as birth control pills, antidepressants, and diabetes medication, can cause swelling of your feet.

Symptoms of swollen feet:

Pain in the feet and their swelling due to the aforementioned causes.

Scars and sores on the skin.

Difficulty walking and doing daily chores.

High body temperature and fever with increased pain and redness of the foot, and it is preferable in such a case to see a doctor immediately because it may constitute a health problem that must be treated immediately.

After we got acquainted with the causes and symptoms, you have the ability to determine if you suffer from this problem, in such cases there is no need for concern, as there are many means of medical care that are provided and treatment that depends on special equipment that includes all modern techniques, in addition to medical treatment There are several techniques that ensure your feet are comfortable.

The best example of this is the massage that we will supply to you, Madam, and you only have to try it to get complete comfort.

Feet massage:

The importance of massage is to improve blood circulation, stimulate muscles, relieve tension and thus reduce pain, reduce the occurrence of pimples and swelling, and dry foot tissue.

Massage method:

Make a warm salt and water solution.

Sit on a comfortable chair and place the left leg gently on the right thigh.

Apply a little solution on your feet, then rub the entire foot, including the heels and calluses.

Put the fingers of the right hand on the left foot, then massage deeply into it.

– Pull your toes back and forth to relax the muscles of the foot, and gather your feet with both hands and press the skin with your thumb.

Repeat these steps on your other foot