Head Massage: For Hair Growth, Strengthening And More!

What are the benefits of a head massage? What are the necessary steps needed to do it properly? Here is the most important information:

Benefits of a head massage

The head massage has many amazing health benefits, not only for hair, but for different parts and systems of the body as well, and these are the most important of them:

1- Reducing tension and psychological pressures

A head massage helps to relax and relieve tension and psychological pressure, as the body may produce large amounts of the stress hormone in cases of stress, which may cause problems with sleep and digestion!

A head massage helps to relax and reduce the amount of stress hormone in the body, and it also increases energy levels and improves overall physical performance and productivity.

2- Migraine treatment

It is the sister of cases of nagging headaches that may infect many people around the world.

The head massage helps to cure the annoying and severe pain caused by this condition when massaging certain areas in the head area and even the neck and upper back.

The head massage also helps to boost blood circulation and relieve migraine attacks when you do regular head massages.

3- Improving the health of the circulatory system

Regular head massages help keep blood pressure under control, and prevent any symptoms and complications that may affect a person as a result of high blood pressure.

As regular massage helps to improve blood circulation and regulate it and relieve stress hormones, thus reducing the chances of developing heart and kidney diseases.

4- Strengthen hair roots and follicles

Healthy hair growth and non-loss requires a healthy scalp, hair follicles and strong roots from the ground up, and this is what helps a head massage to achieve, as it strengthens the roots, nourishes them and stimulates the regrowth of new, strong and healthy hair .

5- Regulating sebum secretions in oily scalp

A head massage (with or without oils) is not only suitable for dry scalp, but also very beneficial for scalp of an oily nature.

As a head massage helps to distribute the fats and regulate the work of the sebaceous glands in the scalp by giving the sebaceous glands a feeling that the scalp contains sufficient fats and oils, thus reducing the production of fat from these glands.

6- Moisturizing the scalp

Dry scalp stimulates the growth of dry and brittle hair, so if you want to have a healthy scalp without scaling or dryness, it is preferable to do a regular head massage using a special oil once a week.

7- Improve hair health

Oil baths are very useful for hair, and hair oils are doubly beneficial when reinforced with a head massage as well, this helps the scalp to absorb the necessary nutrients necessary for the growth of healthy and strong hair.

Also, a head massage helps reduce the chances of hair breakage and split ends.

Other benefits

Also, a head massage has many other benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Improve sleep and treat insomnia.
  • Improving and strengthening memory capabilities over time.
  • Improving breathing and treating respiratory disorders .
  • Help to rid the body of accumulated toxins.
  • Promote blood flow to the scalp and improve overall hair health as a result.

How to do a head massage

You can take advantage of the various benefits of a head massage by following the following steps before washing your hair:

  • Move your fingers in a circular motion over the scalp.
  • Then hold thick locks of hair in your hands and pull the hair out a little, then let it go, and repeat this process all over the head.
  • Look for the dimples of the skull located behind your ears from the top and press them for only a few seconds, and repeat the process 3 times.
  • You can benefit from the following essential oils and use them for a head massage:
    • Peppermint oil to improve poor blood circulation in the scalp.
    • Tea tree oil to relieve itching and dryness and cleanse the scalp.
    • Chamomile oil to relieve scalp infections and relieve itching.
    • Lemon oil to get rid of dandruff.
    • Almond oil with castor oil to stimulate hair growth.
  • If you use the essential oils in a massage, you can wash the hair immediately afterwards, or leave the oils for a few hours, so that you can benefit more from them in nourishing the scalp

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