Health conditions to prevent the danger of massage parlors

Before starting any massage session, certain health conditions must be met in the massage parlor in general and in the massage room in particular, in order to prevent the danger of the massage parlor, and these conditions are not specific to the building and massage room only, but also include the person subject to the massage (the client) and the person Massage specialist and tools used.

You have the right to make sure that these conditions are met before booking a massage session, for your safety.

It is also your duty to report violations of massage parlors for your safety and the safety of others.

Health conditions for the massage room:

  • The massage room should be hygienically clean and sterilized

The general atmosphere inside the massage room must be sterile, because it may be a cause of infection between the masseur and the person undergoing the massage session, especially with the presence of contact between the masseur and the sick person through massage movements.

  • Room temperature should be moderate

In most massages, the person who undergoes the massage session is bare back, also bare legs, so that the masseur rubs and squeezes the muscles directly without any break. Therefore, the room temperature must be moderate in order to protect the skin, especially the exposed parts of it.

  • A sterile means must be available during the massage

This condition is considered necessary in the massage room, in order to maintain the health of both the masseur and the person subject to the massage room, as the towel and sheet placed on the massage table must be well sterilized, and ethyl alcohol must be present in order for the masseur to constantly sterilize his hands while performing the massage movements .

  • Dressing room and bathroom are required

This room must be present in order to prevent any embarrassment for the person undergoing the massage session, in order to change his clothes in the room designated for that without feeling any embarrassment due to the presence of the masseur in the room, and so that the person can wear the designated massage clothes in this room.

Having a bath attached to a massage room is essential, as some people like to enjoy a cold or warm bath before or after a massage session. The bathroom must also have both cold and warm water available.

  • Ventilation and comfortable lighting in the massage room should be adequate

Good ventilation renews the air in the room, thus constantly cleansing the room of any microbes in the air, and comfortable lighting for the eyes must also be provided for the comfort of the masseur while performing the massage movements.

The customer’s health conditions

There are some cases, if it is confirmed that it is present in the person who will undergo the massage session, then they must be prevented from entering the massage room in the first place, and among these cases the following:

  • A high temperature of the person undergoing a massage session.
  • The presence of pimples and boils many spread in the body of the person who will have the massage session.
  • When a person has any blood-related diseases.
  • When a person is infected with any viral disease.
  • When a person suffers from any mental illness.
  • In cases of severe bleeding.
  • In the case of the menstrual cycle.

The health conditions of the masseur

The person performing the massage must have many conditions that qualify him for the success of the massage process, and these conditions include the following:

  • To be surrounded by anatomical, health and preventive sciences.
  • To be familiar with massage, its methods, artistic methods and its origins.
  • It must be free from any infectious diseases and certified by a medical examination document.
  • To sterilize himself, especially his hands, and make sure to sterilize them constantly during the session.
  • The masseur’s hands should be free of any boils or pimples.
  • The clothes of the masseur must be clean and sterile, in order to inadvertently touch the body of the patient, who is often almost naked.
  • He must be familiar with first aid, in the event of any injury or loss of consciousness by the person in charge of the massage.

Health requirements for tools used in massage

The tools used in the massage session include the towel and the sheet that is placed on the massage table, as well as the creams and oils used during the session and so on, these tools must meet some conditions in order to be suitable for use in the massage session to reduce the risk of massage parlors:

  • These tools must be well cleaned and sterilized.
  • Creams and oils should not be expired, so as not to cause any side effects on the skin of the sick person.
  • Continuous sterilization of tools is required.
  • Change the towel and sheet, and use another towel and sheet when dealing with another patient.

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