Hot stone massage

It is a form of heat therapy (termotherapy) by placing stones on specific areas of the body to aid in massaging the muscles along with massage oils, and the use of massage.Stone is not only a part of well-being, but studies have proven that massage and stone massage in particular works to cure pains and diseases and boost immunity.

The ancient use of stone massage

Stone massage was known among the Pharaohs and the Indians, and it was among their therapeutic rituals, and in the Hawaiian Islands, volcanic stones (Haku) were used in the massage.

Types of stones used in massage

Lava stones Basaltic stones are usually gray in color before oil is applied to them to turn black. Cold marble stones that are heated up to a certain temperature of 54 degrees Celsius.Stones of running rivers.

Technic work stone massage

  • The stones are pre-heated to a certain temperature.
  • They are placed along the spine and between the shoulders.
  • Through the flexible massage and the heat given by the stones to the body, the individual can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Benefits of stone massage

1- Relaxing the body by affecting the muscle tissue.

2- Relief from muscle pain and muscle spasms.

3- It contributes to reducing joint inflammation by moving the membranes surrounding the joint.

4- It helps the lymphatic system get rid of toxins.

5- It reduces daily stress and pressure by applying pressure on certain areas.

6- It has a positive effect in stimulating the circulatory system and blood vessels.

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