How is hernia treated by massage?

In the following, we will learn about one of the hernia treatment methods, which is the hernia massage treatment: 


A hernia occurs when an internal body organ protrudes through a wall of muscles or the tissues that contain it. 

Most hernias occur within the abdominal cavity, between the chest and the hips. 

A hernia in the abdomen or groin can produce a noticeable lump or swelling that may disappear when lying down, and laughing, crying, coughing, straining during a bowel movement , or physical activity may trigger it again.

Hernia treatment with massage

Massage hernia treatment may be able to relieve symptoms, as it provides temporary relief, as patients may feel better after two to three sessions. 

A person with a hernia diagnosis should be diagnosed before starting massage therapy and selecting a specialist. 

The massage should be done gently, and the massage is usually focused on the hernia. 

How is hernia treated by massage?

The following steps for treating a hiatal hernia massage will be mentioned:

  • The therapist begins by heating the stomach muscles , such as: the inner and outer muscles, as well as the rectus abdominis muscle, or other muscles close to the hernia area. 
  • He places his fingers under the ribs and asks the patient to take a deep breath. During exhalation, the therapist pulls the fingers away from the location of the hernia.
  • The therapist repeats the previous step two to three times before moving to another area.
  • In the next massage area, the therapist places his thumb in the midsection of the edge of the ribs of the chest , which consists of eight to ten ribs, he may ask you to take a deep breath, in the meantime he moves his thumb down the socket, and the therapist should press down using firm and gentle pressure This massage may be repeated two to three times during a hernia massage therapy session.
  • The therapist moves to massage near the cartilage in the lower chest, then moves along the edge of the ribs again, repeating this two to three times.

Benefits of treating hernia with massage

Massage hernia therapy can help relieve tension and anxiety in the area, and help restore balance in the affected area.

A professional hernia massage therapist can treat the condition by applying light pressure to the site of the injury to help you restore muscle balance, prevent complications and structural deformities, and relieve you of the severity of pain. 

Precautions during hernia massage therapy

The following are the most prominent precautions when treating a hernia with massage:

  • Do not go into the sessions if you have a fever or signs of infection.
  • You should not start hernia massage therapy until after your surgeon’s approval if you recently had surgery for a hernia

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