How many times does a body need a massage to make the most of it?

Have you recently read about the great benefits of body massage and were excited to get used to this useful habit, but do not know how often the body need a massage in order to make the most of it, and at the same time do not fall into excessive exercise and lose its health effect.

The number of sessions depends on a number of factors, including your body’s response, the time you have, your budget for massage, the stress you are under, your exercise, and it’s best to go to massage regularly so your body can relax from the stress of daily activities.

You have spent a lot of time at work or other activities and therefore need enough massage for more than one session to relieve you of fatigue for so long that any health or diet system needs time and one session is not enough to remove all the pain.

How many times does a body need a massage?

If your goal is to get rid of pain in a specific muscle or place in your body due to medical problems, you may need more sessions to suit this injury as instructed by your doctor once or twice a week to get the best possible result.

Depending on what your body needs, if you feel comfortable after the first session for a week, one session is enough for you, but if the session relaxes you for three days, for example you may need two sessions a week, and the sessions may last for several weeks if the condition is chronic and require a longer massage besides treatment.

Easing tension

If your goal is to relax and de-stress to help after strenuous exercise and follow healthy food, one session per month may be enough to relieve stress.

Massage has many benefits on the body as it reduces your stress by reducing cortisone levels in the blood as well as protecting against high blood pressure.

Sports events and hospitalizations

If your goal is to prepare for a sports competition or long-distance running, the number of sessions will depend on your workout schedule and the date of the competition, as a regular massage helps to maintain health and higher performance in the competition, and this is one of the benefits and importance of sports massage.

It is very important to massage before racing or playing until the muscles are heated and extended which helps prevent tearing or muscle tension and helps in blood flow, muscle elasticity and increased range of movement without injuries so the player gets the best performance.

The session is very important after important sporting events, such as playing a full match, so that the muscles recover from the efforts exerted during this period of sports and protect against injuries and restore blood flow normally to the muscles.

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