How to do a massage for your child

– Mental, physical and social growth and development
– Strengthening his bond with you – Remaining calm and
uncomfortable – Reducing crying – Sleeping
– Activates the blood circulation of the child.
Aids in the digestive process.
– Ensures safety of eye movement.

What do you need before starting the massage?
Massage oil or moisturizing cream.
– A towel or a piece of cloth to clean.
Clothes for your child to wear after the massage.
Usual nappy changing supplies.

How do you massage your baby?
Warm a small amount of oil or cream on your hands by rubbing it between your palms.

Leg massage:
– Hold the child’s right foot with one hand and the other, hold the child’s heel and massage the child’s heel and toes in circular motions and pull them gently and move the child’s foot in a clockwise direction several times.
Massage the side of the child’s leg with the palm of your hands, from the heel to the bottom.
– Press the child’s thigh until the blood circulation is activated, then bend and straighten the leg for several times.

How to do a massage for your child

Chest and shoulder massage: –
Put your hands in a horizontally placed shape on the child’s chest and massage gently.
Massage the baby’s shoulders and lower chest, and repeat this step several times.

Abdominal massage:
– Massage the child’s abdomen in circular motions in a clockwise direction, then press the side of the hand from the top of the abdomen to the top of the child’s genitals.
Carry the child by his heels and raise his legs up to make the massage deeper.

How to do a massage for your child

Facial massage:
Wipe the child’s face with your thumbs and also wipe the child’s eyebrows with your fingers.
Gently massage the neck.
Turn the baby on his stomach and massage the lower neck and shoulder area.

When can a child sleep on a pillow?
Hand massage
– Hold the child’s right hand in your hand and with the other hand, hold the child’s wrist.
Move the child’s palm in circular motions in a clockwise direction several times.
Gently pull the baby’s fingers and wipe gently on the palm of the baby’s palm