How to do a massage for your entire body at home

How to do a massage for your entire body at home

If you suffer from pains and aches in your body when you wake up from sleep or when you spend a hard day at work, it is certain that your body needs a massage or massage in a correct way in order to get rid of these pains and there is no need to pay money in body care centers, but in a few minutes you can You do a massage of your own body while you are at home ,, just follow the following steps from the Educate Yourself website:

Steps from the Educate Yourself website:

Preparing the body

1- Take a warm bath: this loosens the muscles and gets them ready for a massage.

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2- Dry your body with a towel: After you have finished taking a shower, dry your body with a dry towel.

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3- Do a massage on your body without wearing clothes because direct massage on the body is better, but you can wear some light clothing if necessary.

4- Anoint your body with massage oil: rub your body with massage oil so that the massage is more effective.

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Upper body massage from the Educate Yourself site :

1- Neck and shoulder massage: massaging the neck and shoulders helps relieve headache , use your right hand to massage the left side of your neck and left shoulder, and vice versa,

Here are some methods of massage:

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Cross your fingers and gently rub your spine in a circular motion.

Place your fingertips at your ears and gently move them downward until your hands meet each other.

2- Abdominal massage : Massaging the abdominal area is very useful in relieving menstrual pain and improving the digestive process. Put your hand on your stomach and gently move it in a circular motion and repeat the movement in all parts of your abdomen.

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When you are standing, bend your knees to the left when massaging the right side of your abdomen.

3- Massage the back area using a ball: You can choose a ball of the size that suits you, then place it between your back and the wall of the wall, press well and move in a circular motion back and forth and repeat this movement with different parts of your back.

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You can switch between different sizes of balls within a single massage session.

4- Massage the lower back with the wrap: You can wear clothes here, put the wrap on the ground and lie on it with your back and move back and forth, it will help the flexibility of the muscles and save you from cramping

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Use your feet to help you move back and forth, and make sure the fascia passes through all the vertebrae of your back.

– Move the fascia until it reaches the area of ​​pain and keep moving around the painful area for 30 seconds. This may hurt you, but it will help you later on completely getting rid of any pain.

Legs and arms massage from the Educate Yourself site:

1- Arm massage : To massage the arms, use your other hand, then massage the arm from the wrists to the shoulders and continue to do so until you feel hot in your arm, then repeat the same movement with the other arm.

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2- Hand massage: Press your hands with the fingers of your other hand and also gently press on each finger.

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Use your finger to press your palm in a circular motion.

3- Legs massage: Use your fingers to massage the legs, starting from the feet until you reach the waist, start with light movements first and then move in a steady circular motion, you can do this using the palm of your hand or elbow.

Man with both palm around knee cap to show pain and injury on knee area.

4- Feet massage: Place your thumb on the soles of your feet and move it in a circular motion and do this also with your ankles . You can also do the following movements:

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Massage the soles of your feet by applying your hand and pressing it gently.

Use your fingertips to press your ankle back and forth.


Soothing music will help you to be calm during the massage.

Also use perfume during the massage.