How to Do a Massage for Yourself | Full body

In this article, we will explain how to do a massage for yourself in easy ways and for all parts of the body.

Many of us hear about massage sessions and their role in reducing stress and psychological stress and reducing stress levels in the body, as well as what massage sessions do in removing muscle pain resulting from a great muscular effort.

All of this pushes a lot to undergo massage sessions, but because of the high cost of these sessions, or because of the lack of specialized massage centers in some areas, these people need to do some massages themselves without the intervention of any masseur.

In this article, we will guide you how to do a massage for yourself.

First: Preparing before massage or preparing for massage

Before starting the massage, the body must be prepared psychologically and physically, and the best is to enjoy a warm bath, in order to clean the body and remove the sweat from it, as well as warm water relaxes the muscles of the body and removes the tension and muscle tension in them, as well as the warm bath works to remove tension and anxiety from The body and reach a state of psychological comfort and relaxation before entering into the massage session.

It is worth noting that this preparation must take place before the session, whether the massage is by a masseur or a specialist or even before the person performs the massage himself.

And when a person massages himself, the area he is massaging must be bare of clothes, so that the skin touches the skin and the massage yields its benefits.

Second: The method of massage according to the area to be massaged

The body is divided into several areas, and each area has its own massage method, and the body is divided as follows:

How to do a massage for your neck and shoulders:

The neck and shoulders area is one of the affected areas in the body, which many people complain of having pain due to sitting for long hours in front of work desks, and massaging this area works to relieve headache pain, because the nerves in this area of ​​the body are closest to the brain.

To do the neck massage, the fingers are straightened so that the thumb is pointing down the neck, and the rest of the fingers are wrapped behind the neck on the spine, and then rubbing and massaging gently.

To do the shoulder massage, the hands are centered on the shoulders, so that the fingers are straight, the thumb is aligned with the shoulder level, and the remaining fingers are spread out on the shoulder from the top until it reaches the beginning of the back, and then the massage is done with simple circular movements.

How to massage your back and stomach:

The back area is one of the areas in the human body that are most prone to pain and injury, because it is the mainstay of the body, so massaging this area relieves back pain and gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

As for the abdominal area, massaging it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

To massage the back, a small rubber ball is used, and the ball is placed between the body and the wall, and then pressed with the body moving up and down, and the back must be moved in all directions until the massage reaches the various areas of the back.

And the abdominal area massage is by placing one hand on the abdomen, with light pressure with the fingers, and then massaging in a circular and gentle manner.

How to massage your arms and legs:

The extremities of the body are among the most common organs that are used by humans, so the hands are used to eat and hold things, and so on. Also, the legs are the two pillars on which the person relies and moves from one place to another.

To massage the arms, pressure is applied with fingers and massages from the wrist area to the shoulder, and the massage must be done until the person feels hot in the area he is massaging.

To massage the legs, the fingers are pressed with a circular massage from the thigh area to the palm of the foot, and the soles of the feet are also pressed by the fingers because this gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

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