How to do a massage (massage) for your back

How to do a massage (massage) for your back !! Or if you have someone close to you or a friend who suffers from pain and fatigue, then you give him a massage to relieve him of anxiety, pain and stress and help him relax muscles and contribute to his feeling of well-being

You will only need some towels, a pillow, a massage bed, a massage oil, or if you do not have a massage oil, you can replace it with baby oil.

Thus, you would have learned how to* do a massage for your back !!

1- It is better to have a massage bed, as it gives a better result, as it was specially made for the comfort of the person with a hole for the head, but if you do not have it, it is not important, then there are alternatives
You can use the floor as flat floor as an alternative to the bed, but it has many drawbacks. It can be stiff and tedious and it can be unclean and you will spend a lot of time on your knees and this is not a perfect solution.
You can also use a sofa or couch, so it is comfortable and soft, but there is a problem that it is open from one side.
You can also use the kitchen table and there are many possibilities in it, especially since you can put a pillow on it while it is open from both sides, but the problem is where the head is placed
If you have to use your bed, it will be comfortable. It may not be high, which is a problem, but when you sit for long on your knees, it is not strenuous, but rather it will be more comfortable.
2- Prepare the bed by placing a pillow so that it is in the place where the person places his chest
3- Put a soft blanket like the one used in the camps, it will have a good effect
4- Put towels to absorb any excess oil
5- Prepare the room so that it is warm .. If the weather is cold, it will make the person nervous and it will be difficult to get the desired result of rest.
You can also play some relaxing classical music and dim the lights, and you can use scented candles if you wish, the goal is to get complete relaxation and comfort.
6- The person wraps a long towel around his chest up to the knees
7- He lies on the bed on his stomach so that the pillow is under the breastbone
8- Fold one of the towels under the forehead, keeping his neck straight
9- Fold one of the towels and place them under his ankles for more comfort in the lower back of a person

10- Unfold the towel on his back to start the massage process

11 – You must first tell him. If there is pain or discomfort in anything you do, he must inform you about it, because the main goal of this process is to reach complete rest and relaxation.
To start the massage process:
1- Put the oil between your hands and rub it a little between your hands
2- Distribute and spread the oil along the back, and don’t forget the shoulder and neck area
3- Place your hand over the other hand while extending your arms and start massaging in the form of small circles
from the lower back from the middle area up to the shoulders while staying on one side of the spine and repeat for a period of 2 to 3 minutes with little pressure up and down for two or 3 times
4- Make your hand in an L-shape and move it with light pressure towards the thumb while closing the opening between the index finger and thumb
5- Use your fist and start massaging for 2 or 3 minutes as well and also avoid any pressure in the lower back or spine and pull gently at the back joints
6- Massage and rub the muscles that connect the neck with the shoulders
7. Repeat all of these steps on the other side of the spine
8 – Massage the area between the shoulders and the column a little with pressure with the thumb, but avoid too much pressure with the thumb and also avoid approaching the spine
9- You can massage both sides of the spine together with little pressure with the thumb along the back until the middle area
10 – Spread the fingers of your hands and massage slowly one hand from the lower back and the other hand starting at the shoulders Repeat several times slowly to relieve pressure
Then fold a towel and gently wipe the remaining oil over the back and shoulders
And ask the person to get up slowly .. After a massage or massage, the person feels completely comfortable and relaxed, and the room must be warm to reach the maximum degree of relaxation and comfort.
You should avoid the following to successfully complete the massage process:
1- Avoid putting pressure on the lower back as there are not enough ribs
2- Don’t use too much oil, just use enough to prevent friction
3- Avoid any pressure on the spine
There are some cases in which a person cannot do a massage or a massage unless he consults a doctor beforehand so that no complications or problems occur
1 – For example, if he suffers from blood clots in the veins, usually in the legs
“Deep vein thrombosis”
2- Or if there were any injuries in the spine, such as cartilage
3- Osteoporosis
4- If he has a fever or cancer
5- Avoid massaging wounds and tumors

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