How to do massages for children

Children cannot be restricted to specific sleeping or relaxation positions, and therefore it may be difficult to push them to lie down for a period even if it is short to do the massage, and this is why the child should be given freedom of movement while doing the massage, by following the following steps:

  • Start by placing your warm hands on the top of the child’s legs, then press your entire hands on each leg, and bring it down to reach his feet gently, and make sure that no pressure is placed on the child’s knees and ankles, then press the bottom of his feet, then cuddle and kiss them, as the children are They like it.
  • Put your warm hands on the child’s stomach, and move them in a circular motion in a clockwise direction, as this movement helps to get rid of abdominal pain, or stomach ache and bloating, taking care not to massage his stomach immediately after eating food, as at least half an hour must pass .
  • Move to the child’s arms and repeat the movements that you used to massage his legs, so that the child feels comfortable and relaxed.
  • Press on the child’s back, starting from his shoulders and down to his legs, without applying pressure on his spine.

The best time to do a baby massage

The best time to do a massage for a child is when he is calm, alert and attentive to what is around him, or before feeding him or after the bath, and it should be noted that the child is not hungry or full during the work of the massage, as it is preferable not to be at the time of a nap.

Benefits of doing massages for children

Massaging children, especially infants, is one of the best ways to strengthen the bonds between parents and children, in addition to that it offers many other benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Increase the weight of infants: Gentle touch and massage help the secretion of growth hormone in infants, which helps in gaining a healthy weight, and developing the work of vital body organs, as a study conducted by the Department of Newborns at the National Medical Center for Children in the American capital, Washington, A gentle massage was given to them who gained more weight than other children.
  • Get rid of anxiety and tension: Gentle massage reduces the secretion of stress hormones , and levels of glucose in the blood, and this is what the researcher Hernandez Reeve indicated. Massage helps reduce asthma symptoms in children.
  • Contribute to motor development: gentle massages and massages reduce the pain that the child feels when he performs certain muscle movements, which helps him to develop better movement, and a study from the University of Miami showed that massage improved the motor development of children with Down syndrome, as indicated by reports Psychology for children that massage contributes to the motor development of those suffering from HIV.
  • Contribution to cognitive development: Based on the results of research carried out by the Association for Early Childhood Care and Development , pre-school children performed better on an IQ test, and this is after they received a quarter-hour massage. The International Journal of Neuroscience stated that massage increases focus Baby, improves brain performance.