How to make a massage to lengthen hair

Massaging the scalp with natural oils helps to enhance the length of the hair , by increasing the rate of blood circulation to the scalp, and blood flow works to absorb oxygen, and provide the hair with healthy nutrients that promote healthy hair growth, and get perfect hair.

Hair massage method

Correct scalp massage helps to promote healthy hair and get rid of fatigue, by repeating it three times a week, through the following:

  • Comfort Sitting in a quiet place: By sitting in a comfortable back chair, playing gentle music with a little sound, and turning down the room lighting to feel relaxed.
  • Massage the hair from the front to the back: and massage the fingers in straight movements, using the tips of the fingers, with gentle movements; To avoid damage and pain, do not lift the hair like a horse’s tail.
  • Massaging the hair in circular motions in the opposite direction: by massaging with the tips of the fingers in small and gentle circular motions, from front to back.
  • Head massage application in reverse direction: by massaging the head from back to front, with circular and straight movements, starting from the areas of the lower hair, to the top of the head.
  • Apply the massage from the sides of the head: start by massaging the left side of the scalp in a straight way from the top to the bottom direction, then move to the right side, and massage the scalp in the form of circular motions.
  • Putting hands on the scalp and moving the arms: by placing the hands on the scalp and the thumb finger above the ears, and moving the arms to the front and back side with a focus on placing the fingers in the scalp , and the feeling of the scalp moving towards the front and back when moving the arms of the hand .
  • Massaging the hair by collecting it with fingers: by tying the hair in the form of a ponytail, then pulling it using the fingers with gentle movements while continuing to massage the head, but if the hair is short, the hair is divided, and a part of it is taken on a small one on the palm of the hands, then moving Gently pull and pull.
  • Massage areas of the ears: Putting the hands behind them, using the fingers of the hands and the thumb of the thumb and doing a massage in the form of circular motions, gentle for a feeling of comfort.

Benefits of a hair massage

A scalp massage helps to relax, in addition to many other benefits, including:

  • Reducing headache: Scalp massage helps to feel comfortable, and reduces headaches that appear due to nervous tension and fatigue, by massaging the areas under the head.
  • Promote blood flow to the head: A head massage improves blood circulation to the head and skin, increases hair growth, promotes health, and eliminates dandruff .