How to massage the hands by applying pressure Reflection points

In this article, we will explain the method of massaging the hands by applying pressure on the reflexology points, in order to treat problems found in separate places in the body.

Hand massage has therapeutic benefits, its effect reaches different places in the human body, and hand massage is also done for relaxation and comfort.

Hand massage to relax

  • Gentle pressure on one palm with the other hand and its fingers.
  • Then the hand is pressed using each finger separately, with the thumb moving in circular motions on the joints of the other fingers.
  • Then grab the finger from the bottom and pull it gently, then the tendons are massaged by the thumb with pressure on the palms and wrists.
  • Finally, the hands are massaged to the wrist, as well as the hands are rubbed against each other using oil, or the rubbing process can be completed without it.
  • The hands should be rubbed together to increase the energy and sensitivity of the hands, then the fingers and thumbs are used to massage the other hand.
  • In the event that a pregnant woman is massaging a hand, deep pressure on the hand mesh should be avoided because it is one of the areas that help promote uterine contractions.

Therapeutic hand massage

Hand and finger massage is the use of therapeutic massage by applying pressure on specific points on the hands and fingers to facilitate the flow of energy in the body, reduce pain, and enjoy optimal health.

Reflexology on the hand and the problem it addresses

Treating headache pain by massaging your hands

By pressing the tips of the four fingers, specifically when pressing on the areas under the fingernails, noting that the pressure must be focused on the index finger and the area between the index and thumb fingers, this helps relieve head pain, especially headaches and migraines.

Relieving neck pain and tension

To relieve neck pain and tension, the middle part of each finger should be massaged between the top of the joint of each finger to the bottom, and this process must be repeated with all the fingers on the hands.

Reducing stomach upset

By direct pressure tightly on the palm of the hand, and massaging with the thumb, it works to treat the problems of the stomach and spleen.

Reducing abdominal pain

At first, the entire hand is lightly massaged, then followed by direct pressure on the index finger below and the side of the nail facing the thumb, as well as the pressure is applied in another place, which is the pinky finger, the outer side area of ​​the nail.

Treatment of pain and disorders of the digestive system, stomach and intestine

Massaging the bottom of the palm of the hand just below the middle of the space between the pinky and ring fingers helps treat digestive, stomach and intestinal problems.

Treating head, brain and eye pain

To treat headaches and eye problems, this is done by applying pressure on the top bottom of the thumb.

Treating respiratory problems

By applying gentle pressure to the middle part of the palms of the hands, this relieves the pain and problems of the lungs and respiratory system.

Kidney and adrenal gland pain treatment

This is done by massaging the extension of the muscle attached to the thumb.

Shoulder and related bones treatment

To overcome the pain that affects the shoulder and the bones attached to it, pressure must be placed on the center of the pinky finger.

Treatment of chest, lung and heart pain

Massaging the upper part of the palm of the hand below the middle of the space between the pinky and ring fingers helps reduce chest, lung and heart pain.

Important tips before massaging hands:

  • In the beginning, you must rub the hands and rub them well in order to increase blood flow to the hands, and to warm the hand area, especially the area to be massaged.
  • Emphasis is placed on applying pressure using the thumb as the main finger, as well as using the fingers of the other hand, in order to create a firm and comfortable pressure on the area to be massaged.
  • It is preferable to use oil and put it on the hand to be massaged as well as in the hand of the masseur, in order to reduce friction, so the massager’s compressions on the hand contribute to a good blood circulation and help to expel toxins

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