How to massage your entire body at home

Massage or massage is of great importance in stimulating blood circulation and getting rid of the effects of fatigue and fatigue and strengthening muscles, and it also helps in cleaning and purifying the skin, so you must do a massage  for your skin at least once a week.

In this article, we offer you a way to do a massage for the skin of your entire body yourself at home in very easy ways and with wonderful recipes all from natural ingredients.

Body massages and massages

The body massage itself needs a friend or sister, as most places you cannot do a massage for it yourself, and you start massaging your body in a circular manner. As for the hands and legs, the massage is done by light movements from the bottom to the top to stimulate blood circulation, and if you are pregnant, you must massage the abdomen and buttocks daily in a way Very light, to prevent the appearance of red lines that appear during pregnancy.

For a better body massage, you can use this recipe made of almond oil with the addition of an aromatic oil that you love to give your body a fragrant and smart smell.

Recipe amounts and method

4 tablespoons of almond oil

8 tablespoons of Lanolin

Essential oil (as you choose and available in the perfumery market)

Dissolve lanolin in a suitable bowl over medium heat.

-Add the almond oil mixture gradually while you continue to stir for 3 minutes.

Now after the mixture has cooled, add the essential oil that you love, and you can use it now to massage your body.

Massaging and massaging your face

Massaging your face is by applying light pressure with your fingertips, focusing on the places of wrinkles, and the face must be divided into 5 parts, the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck, because each area has a special method of massage.

Cheeks area

It is the first area you should start with. Bring a moisturizing cream or lotion suitable for your skin type and apply a little on your hands and start moving over the cheek area with light circular motions for one minute.

– Front area

Start d from the area of ​​the eyebrows up to the root of your hair, then start d by moving down from the side of the face until you reach the cheeks, repeat this movement 5 times, not exceeding one minute each time.

Nose area

Massage the skin of your skin at the nostrils and make light movements up to the cheeks.

Chin area

Start from the bottom of the chin with circular motions and work towards the top until you reach the lower jaw, then head up again toward the ears. Repeat this method 5 times, not exceeding one minute each time.

This recipe of natural oils can be used during massages and massages, especially for the facial area, to add softness and attractiveness to your skin.

Recipe amounts and method

2 tablespoons of glycerin (available at pharmacies)

6 tablespoons rose water

Mix all the ingredients together to make a homogeneous and cohesive mixture, and keep it inside a bottle.

Use it during massages and massages, especially for the skin of the face and neck, as it is one of the best products to give your skin vitality and smoothness.

Neck area

Lift your chin up a little, and start massaging the neck from the bottom to the top with your two hands, that is, from the base of the neck to the chin, then head down again from behind the ears to the sides of the neck.

For best results, we recommend that you use the honey cream recipe to enrich your neck while fighting premature wrinkles and fine lines.

Recipe amounts and method

3 tablespoons of white honey

3 teaspoons of olive oil

Mix the ingredients together, and store them in a bottle in the refrigerator for 48 hours after which it is ready to use.