How to Use a Headache Massage | Head massage to get rid of headaches

If you suffer from headaches and have tried many solutions to get rid of them, but to no avail, you are lucky that you will learn with us through this article how to do a massage to treat headaches, by massaging the head.

Headache is one of the most common diseases among people, due to the many factors, behaviors and daily actions that we practice that lead to headaches.

Headaches are mainly pains and infections in the cells and tissues of the brain, occurring as a result of psychological factors such as tension, nervous stress, anxiety and lack of sleep, as well as the lack of blood supply to these cells is one of the causes of headaches that afflict many people.

The pressures that afflict a person in daily life, such as the pressures of work, responsibilities at home, and life problems in general, always put his mind in a state of continuous thinking, and if a person is compelled with these pressures and thinking about them and being preoccupied with them, he is more likely to have a headache.

Therefore, the keyword for headaches is mental comfort, and taking a temporary vacation from thinking and preoccupation with life’s worries, and the best solution for a person to reach that state of calm, relaxation and relaxation is massages and massages.

With the development of science, there have been special massages for treating headache pain, which we will talk about in our article.

How to do a massage to treat a headache

There are many types of massages, one of which can be done to treat headaches, including the following:

Head massage for headache (Swedish massage)

It is the normal massage movements of massage, rubbing and pressure and it is called Swedish massage, and its purpose is to bring the patient to a state of calm and relaxation and reduce his levels of tension and nervous stress, which are the main and main cause of headaches in most people.

These massage movements also stimulate blood flow in the blood vessels, and thus it treats the types of headaches caused by damage and inflammation of brain cells as a result of the lack of blood supply to these cells.

This massage is done according to the following steps:

  • In the beginning, the patient is sitting on a comfortable chair, with the room being prepared with quiet music and dim lights, especially candles, all of these factors contribute to bringing calm and relaxation to the person who complains of a headache.
  • The shoulders are massaged, as massaging this area helps the person to enter the required state of calm and relaxation, and the massage is using the hands starting from the first shoulder to the collar bone below the neck, and the masseur applies some pressure during the massage, all of which helps the blood flow in The neck area and from there to the head.
  • The masseur begins to massage the back of the head above the hairline, and the massage is in slow circular motions, then the masseur moves to the top of the scalp and continues in circular motions and then to the front of the scalp, then the masseur repeats these movements but back from the front of the head to the back.
  • The masseur repeats these massage movements also three to five times.
  • The masseur places one hand at the back of the head, and the other hand on the forehead of the person, then tilts the person’s head slightly forward and down slowly, and then returns the person’s head slowly backward as well.
  • The masseur repeats this movement five times.
  • The person then takes a hot bath, which also helps him to reach a state of relaxation.

Foot massage for headache (reflexology)

  • In this type of massage, certain areas of the feet called sensation areas are massaged connected to other parts of the body by nerves, as all the nerves in the human body end at the bottom of the feet, and when you massage this area, the feeling of pain in those nerves decreases, and thus the person feels that The pain subsided in the area where he was complaining of pain.
  • In this massage, the person who complains of a headache lies on his back.
  • The masseur massages the bottom of the feet in circular motions with some pressure, this pressure reduces the pain of these nerves, which causes relief from headache pain.

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