Important questions about how to massage your baby

* How can I massage my baby?
Massaging a baby immediately after feeding may cause vomiting for the baby, so wait at least 45 minutes after feeding, and pay close attention to your baby’s mood as well.

If your baby stares steadily and appears calm and full, he may enjoy the massage, and if your baby turns his head away from you or becomes stiff in your arms, this may not be the best time for a massage.

When you start massaging your baby, you can specify the time to massage him and the number of times you massage him, and you can massage your newborn baby daily, and your toddler may enjoy a night massage as a kind of pampering the usual baby when going to sleep.

Should I use oil for a massage?
This matter is up to you, and some parents prefer to use oil while pampering the infant to prevent friction between his hands and the child’s skin, but others think that this matter is very difficult to control.

If you choose to use oil, choose one of the oils that are odorless and edible. Your child may put some oil in his mouth, and if your child has sensitive skin or is allergic, test the oil first by applying a small amount of it to a part of your child’s skin, then watch His reaction.

Is baby massage suitable for babies with health problems?
If your baby has underlying health problems, talk to your baby’s doctor before trying to massage him, as the doctor can help you determine if the massage is appropriate or not, and you can also ask your child’s doctor for an explanation if he can recommend help from a specialist in pampering babies. And, or another qualified expert, can teach you techniques that meet your child’s special needs.

It may take a few trials before you and your baby get used to the massage, so be patient with a little practice. You can massage the baby in a healthy way that suits you and your baby to relax and strengthen the relationship between the two of you