In pictures, he did a baby massage to get rid of gases

Children’s massage is a great way to increase communication with the child and not only that, but children’s massage stimulates the growth of the brain and increases the proportion of myelin, which is a necessary component of the brain and the nervous system. Today we show you pictures of childrens massage to get rid of gases that improve the health of the digestive system and eliminate gases to reduce Abdominal problems that lead to many problems at night for the child. Here are some techniques that relieve stomach ache, gas and pain.

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These techniques help the mother eliminate gas in children, and it only takes a few minutes to get amazing results because it will definitely enable you to relieve the child’s pain.

Baby massage steps:

1- rainbow technique:

This technique relies on descending and then occasional massage toward the colon in order to help push gas or other contents in the abdomen.

You should start by placing one hand on the side of the upper left abdomen, which starts from the bottom of the rib cage, and then massaging the lower abdomen towards the left pelvis. Then massage the right side of the abdomen under the rib cage, passing the left side under the rib cage. Finally, you can massage the lower abdomen, up the pelvis, into the upper part of the abdomen, and stand at the bottom of the rib cage, passing through the colon.

The abdominal massage is based on gentle three-finger pressure and when doing so you must make sure that you continue to touch the baby alternately with your hands with each stroke.

2. Making the letter C with your hands:

By using the pinky side of the hands, you can do a gentle but firm massage from the baby’s rib cage, taking into account that if there are remains of the umbilical cord in the baby, you must wait for a few days for the cord to fall out. If the child has navel lethality, you can do this technique. Alternating pressure with your hands so that you have constant pressure by wrapping the side of the hands crosswise, then lengthwise, then crosswise at the end.

3. Reaching the knees to the abdomen:

Bring the legs until they reach the right side of the abdomen, and maintain pressure until it reaches the abdomen, while maintaining pressure on the abdomen while the child is pressing on the abdomen or the left side, then bringing the legs below the surface.

4. Circular massage around the pelvic area:

If you are looking for a key to getting rid of gas, this exercise is simple and effective, and it helps the baby to pass gas easily. Begin massaging in circular motions around the pelvic area to facilitate the exit of gases. And pressure on the lower leg of the child and bring the legs towards the abdomen, then gentle pressure on the abdomen and repeat the same steps with the other leg.

5. Incubation:

One of the most important exercises when massaging the child to get rid of gas is because the mother provides the child with love and care, and it is preferable to do it regularly in order to provide the child with comfort. By embracing the child and then starting a gentle massage on the back from the back.

You can do these exercises 2-3 times a day on bad days when the child suffers from severe constipation, and in some cases you need to do them every three hours.

 Steps to calm the baby from gas:

  • Find a quiet bedroom to practice massaging inside and prepare a soft surface to place the child on.
  • Use baby oil when massaging, but avoid using walnut oil, and it is preferable to test the oil before starting to apply it to the skin.
  • Putting the child on the back so that you can massage the child well and relieve pain.
  • Then distribute the oil on the child’s chest and spread up and down towards the legs and feet.
  • Bring the knees together towards the stomach and draw a circle with the knees in a clockwise direction while applying pressure on the abdomen through a circle at the top and applying pressure to let out gases.
  • Then, massage the lower abdomen with one hand to ensure a safe massage.
  • Draw a circle with your fingertips and make an imaginary square around the belly button in a clockwise direction.
  • Follow the circular massage with one hand for 3 minutes.
  • Massage to draw the letter U with your fingertips.
  • The last step is to place your hands firmly around the stomach. This is called the relaxation touch and is used to increase the feelings of love between mother and child.

Benefits of massage for children:

There are techniques that you can learn when massaging a child, as mentioned above, in order to add a touch of love to a child, and now discover with us the benefits of massage for the child.

  • The massage stimulates the relaxation of the child. It is the best way to prepare a child for sleep. It is also a quiet way for the child to start his day and increase his feelings of happiness.
  •  It increases the strength of the relationship between the child and the mother, as it supports the physical contact between them, and this increases the child’s closeness to you.
  • It helps the child to experience new sensations because the massage gives the child a good understanding of touch.
  •  Massage supports the digestion process in children, especially when the child suffers from gas. It helps him reduce colic and as a result the baby becomes more relaxed and raises the general mood of your baby.
  • Massage increases children’s ability to focus.
  • It helps children improve their sleep patterns as it creates an ideal sleep routine for them.
  •  Reduces the speed and hyperactivity of the baby’s nervous system.
  • Reducing postpartum depression in the mother because it increases the mother’s contact and proximity to the child and interacts with them.
  • Massage improves weight gain, especially when effective oils are used to achieve this.
  • It makes the heart rate more regular because it regulates the work of the nervous system.
  • Spending intimate time with the child.

 Quick Tips:

  • Do not try to massage the baby after feeding or drinking.
  • It is preferable to wait at least one month or two months before trying to massage the baby.
  • You can read more courses on new baby massage techniques. It is also preferable to consult a physician who specializes in pediatric massage.

What is a baby massage?

Baby massage is based on rhythmic massage using your hands. You can use oils or any moisturizer that will help your hands to glide gracefully on the baby’s skin. As a natural part of a massage routine, you can treat it gently when massaging the legs, ankle and wrists. Some mothers prefer to talk softly, hiss, or sing to your baby during a massage. This method makes the baby feel more secure.

Massage stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin, and it is a good idea for your baby. The hormone oxytocin increases warmth and feelings of love, especially when you are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Studies have found that massaging newborns helps reduce recovery from jaundice more quickly.

When is the best time to massage a baby?         

Try to choose a time to massage the baby between feedings. So that he does not feel hungry or full. It is best to massage the child when he is awake so that he becomes more stable and ready to interact with you.

You can get more benefits when you put the baby’s massage routine into bedtime to help him relax and stimulate him to become calmer.

What does the child need before the massage begins?

It is necessary to find a good room to massage the child at home, and to achieve comfort for you and the child without any hindrance. Make sure the room is warm (about 24 ° C) and place the child under a towel with space to allow the baby to move fully, naked.

Because this time is very special for the child, make sure that there are no distractions for the child in the room, such as having a pet, preferring to put it in another room, and turning off the mobile phone to allow the child to hear the sound of your quiet singing with him.

Also, you need to prepare the necessary oil to massage the baby, soft towels, baby clothes, a new diaper to change the diaper after the end.

When using an oil or cream it facilitates the movement of the hand in order to glide on the child’s skin and the child feels more relaxed. It’s up to if you use a moisturizer If a child has dry skin, use moisturizer, cream, vegetable oil, mineral oil.

Vegetable oils contain a high amount of linoleic acid, such as sunflower oil, and when applied to the skin of the child, it supplies the skin with oleic acid. You can also use olive oil.

However, there are some oils or creams that are not preferred and they are:

Mustard oil, as it has a toxic effect on the skin, causing irritation and potential damage to the delicate skin of children.

Refined peanut oil, because the contained proteins lead to skin sensitivity and an unlikely reaction that causes a problem.

If the child suffers from eczema, it is better not to use a specific cream and stay away from water creams that contain harsh detergents called sodium lauryl sulfate, which irritate the skin.

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