Including strengthening the immune system and improving mood .. Benefits of massage in the winter

During the winter season, many wear many layers of clothes throughout the winter and try not to do much activities or leave the bed as much as possible; To protect themselves from the cold that affects the skin and bones.

With the passage of days, this affects the body, and may be the cause of its weakness and making it vulnerable to diseases and cold, and in the event that there is no desire to make a physical effort to revitalize, warm and strengthen the body, massage can be resorted to.

According to the Australian Health and Sport and Spine Diseases Blog, massaging the body for minutes at home during the winter has many benefits, namely:

– Strengthening the immune system –
Massage helps in strengthening the immune system; It increases the activity of the lymph nodes throughout the body, which are a way to fight diseases, because it eliminates bacteria and viruses by multiplying the white blood cells in the blood.

– Helping to treat dry
skin; winter causes the skin to dry out; Because of the low humidity and coldness of the air, it is preferable to massage with natural oils that contain vitamins that nourish the skin, such as coconut oil, but the oils should not be left on the skin for a long time so as not to increase the percentage of oiliness and stimulate the appearance of acne.

Improving blood circulation,
massage helps stimulate blood circulation and this increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body, and this makes the person feel warm quickly.

Improving mood:
Massage affects the endocrine system and this changes the hormones it secretes, reducing cortisol levels, which is the hormone associated with stress, and increasing levels of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness, and this reduces tension and fear and improves mood, and thus the massage will be good for those who feel Sadly throughout the winter period.

– Get rid of stress,
some energy decreases in winter due to the lack of daylight hours and busy work, all of which leads to stress for the body all the time, and with daily massage sessions at home, stress will decrease and the body will become energetic, and this will positively affect sleep at night

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