Indian head massage method | easy and healthy

Indian Head Massage

A lot of people ask about the Indian head massage method, and in this article we will explain the steps of this method and it is very easy but the lesson in being effective and its results are healthy.

About Head Area Massage

The head area needs massages and massages, as is the case with the rest of the body, and most people are common when mentioning the word massage, this is meant to massage the back area and spine only and this is not true, massage can be performed for all areas of the body.

The head area has certain massages and massages, and its benefits are many, including that it activates blood flow to the brain, treats the scalp, and sometimes increases the freshness and vitality of the hair, and helps relieve headache pain and get a better sleep.

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The first head massage was done by the Indians, and from there it spread to the rest of the world and became known as the Indian Method of Head Massage.

Indian Head Massage Steps and Steps

Equipping the place or room for a massage

  • The place is equipped so that the ventilation is good.
  • The lighting of the place must be dim, in order to give a sense of calm to the person who has a massage, preferably using candles in the lighting.
  • A comfortable seat is equipped for the massage person to rest on, where this seat is where the person sits for a massage.
  • It’s okay to play quiet music to calm a person’s nerves and to reduce any stress he feels before a massage.
  • The massager should explain to the person how to work in the massage, and ask him if the seat is not comfortable for him.
  • The massager should ask the person to take a deep breath before the session to help him relax, and to ask him to repeat that deep breath.

Start massaging your neck, shoulders and spine to relax

  • The first thing a massager does is to massage the shoulders of the massaged person, a shoulder massage that absorbs all the anxiety and tension inside the person and brings him to the highest level of calm and relaxation.
  • The massager will massage the shoulder area from the first shoulder to the beginning of the neck with pressure on the muscle between the shoulder and the lower neck.
  • The massager massages the back of the shoulder towards the spine, with his thumb on the back area of the spine massage in circular motions, and the rest of his fingers on the shoulder area at the collarbone area.
  • The massager massages the neck area, where he makes his thumb behind the neck area below the line, and the rest of his fingers on both sides of the neck, and continues with his thumbs to massage the back of the neck in circular motions.
  • The masseur puts one hand in the person’s neck and moves it towards the hair, while the other is placed on the front of the person.
  • The masseur presses his hand on the back of the neck and the other hand on the front so that the person’s head falls forward and down gradually.
  • With the same hands, the massager slowly returns the person’s head to normal.
  • Repeat the previous process three times.

Moving to the back of the scalp to the highest scalp

  • The masseuse puts his hand on the hair at the back of the person’s scalp, and if the person has his hair tied, it must be dissolved, the person moves his hand and the fingers are round in the back of the person’s scalp slowly, and it is okay to use some pressure.
  • The masseur raises his hand to the top of the scalp and completes the massage in a circular way.
  • The masseur repeats this process five times.

Moving to both sides of the head

  • The masseur massages the head area of the two flames using his fingertips.
  • The massager completes the massage process in a circular way.
  • The masseur repeats this process five times.

Conduct a thorough survey of the head area

  • The massager puts his hand so that he presses his fingertips on the scalp from the back and massages round until it reaches the top of the scalp and even the grain.
  • The person repeats the previous process in the same way but reverses the trend from the front of the head to the back of the scalp.

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