Infant massage | Benefits and how to do a massage for a baby in a correct way

Many mothers – especially in the first months of childbirth – have a problem with the constant crying of babies. Which causes fatigue not only to the mother, but to the whole family. And in vain, many mothers try to silence their children, to no avail.

But many mothers do not know that massage or massage plays a very important role in reducing or even eliminating the child’s crying. But are all baby massages really helpful and help reduce crying?

of course not. Although massage appears to be a simple act and does not require skill or experience, scientists who specialize in studying the body and psyche of children say that some methods of massage help, but not others, to reduce children’s crying and their sense of fear.

Through this article, we review some important information about baby massage and the way in which it helps to reduce and eliminate crying completely.

What is the appropriate time to do a massage for the baby?

At first the mother must know when is the right time to massage the baby.

Some mothers think that any time is a good time to massage the body of children and this information is incorrect.

Although massage is popular for children at any time, doing massage sometimes has the effect of magic in terms of stopping and reducing crying and placing the child in a state of deep psychological comfort.

In general, massaging the baby well before bedtime is an ideal time to massage a baby.

Also, it is a very good time to massage the baby immediately after bathing, so that the child feels calm and safe after bathing, which helps to sleep quickly without crying.

How to properly massage babies ?

The mother must take into account the correct and proper massage. By passing the hand over the child’s body from top to bottom, gently and simply. Taking into account not to press harshly on the child’s body, which avoids the child’s feeling of pain

It is recommended to use a softening lotion with a massage, to increase the child’s feeling of calm and softness. This helps the child get a quiet and fast sleep without much crying.

After continuing to massage the body without pressure, the mother begins to apply simple pressure on the body quietly in some areas, which we will deal with in detail in the next paragraphs, in order to provide a better performance for the child’s comfort and his feeling of recovery and comfort in all areas of his body.

But many mothers wonder, what are the recommended areas to massage? What are the areas that, if massaged properly, will reduce or even stop the child’s crying? This is what we discuss with you in the following paragraph.

What areas should be massaged?

In general, massage is one of the best things every mother should do for her children. Even if this massage is for any area of ​​the body. On the other hand, massaging some areas of the body makes the child feel more comfortable and harmonious.

  • One of the most important areas for a baby to feel comfortable and calm is a foot massage. Official statistics say that massaging the child’s feet increases his sense of comfort and safety by more than 55%, and the mother must be careful to massage her children’s feet constantly, especially after getting a warm bath for more comfort and a quick sleep. Also, massaging the soles of the feet has a magic effect in treating children from cough and sinus problems due to the nerve endings that this area contains that control many of the immune system’s capabilities and its ability to fight diseases and respond to them.
  • But if your child suffers from constant colic, which prevents him from enjoying his life and makes him cry many times, then abdominal massage is the sure treatment for this condition. Continuous abdominal massage helps improve bowel movement and the digestive system in general. The leading doctors in America and Europe advise that the abdomen should be massaged continuously and gently in order to improve digestion in children and save a lot of time and effort on the family, in addition to avoiding children taking stomach-laxative medicines that may affect their side effects on children.

The magic way to stop the baby’s crying

As for the magic way to stop the crying of the child, according to what American physician specializing in pediatrics Robert Hamilton says, it is to massage the chest with the infant’s hands placed on his chest, and the child is held from the back and tilted forward at a 45-degree angle while lifting it up, left and right.

This method not only helps to increase the comfort of the child, but also helps to make him feel safe, which makes him stop crying immediately or even after a relatively short period of time from doing this massage for him.

Massage helps reduce children’s infection with colds and influenza due to the increased secretion of antibodies that attack viruses and bacteria that cause influenza and other diseases that affect children.

The science of reflexology

If you are surprised by the relationship of massage therapy or massage, then the relationship between massage and therapy is very old.

Many ancient papyri prove that the ancient Egyptians used massage for treatment more than 6000 years BC.

The matter did not stop at the ancient Egyptians only, but it went beyond it to the many civilizations that inhabited the world since ancient times. Where mothers and grandmothers appear in many papyri as they massage children to treat the many diseases that afflict children.

More recently, the science of reflexology is being used to improve the health of both children and adults. Where it is considered a type of natural treatment that is used by a large number of people in the world today to obtain comfort and treatment away from the side effects that come with taking medicines of various kinds.

Benefits of massage for children

The benefits of massage are not only dependent on the health of children, but it has many distinctive benefits that we address with you through these short points:

  1. One of the most important things that a child can calm down is massage. During the day, the child is exposed to many situations that are new to him, especially in the first months of birth. Which may eventually lead to his feeling of distress or psychological turmoil, and through continuous massage it is possible to eliminate all these negative feelings continuously and prepare the psychological state of the child to be good.
  2. Massage treats sleep problems. Where a large proportion of children suffer from the inability to sleep soundly and deeply for a long period of the day. But with the persistence of the massage, the child takes a deep sleep and feels comfortable and able to play his games all day with vigor and vitality.
  3. Massage treats many diseases and works to strengthen the body’s immune system and its ability to resist many diseases that may affect the body in the long term, such as acute bronchitis, diarrhea and many other digestive and respiratory diseases.

Thus, we have reviewed together a set of the most important benefits that massage brings to children and how massage can be used effectively in order to calm children and accustom them to not crying by increasing their sense of comfort and calm