Interview with Julien Bouteloup – Sia Partners

The main goal of StakeDAO[28] is to enter the DEX (decentralized exchanges) market. We have known this for some time, but CEX (centralized exchanges) like Binance, Coinbase or even FTX will face strong regulatory restrictions. This is already the case with Binance, which is being targeted by several jurisdictions.[29]. Over time, we believe that the market will shift from centralized exchange to decentralized exchange. It is an important market, which concentrates important capital and financial flows, and the objective of StakeDAO is to acquire part of it.

To do this, we need to offer a CEX-like user experience, offer attractive pricing, but also set up additional services that allow you to grow your assets. For this reason we have created investment strategies for the Euro, the Dollar, the Bitcoin and the Ether, with competitive returns. In addition, we also want to provide users with derivative products such as options, futures, etc.

The goal is certainly not to provide access to all of DeFi, because innovation is too fast for anyone to fully master, but rather to provide access to a list of products that we have handpicked, so that our users can do the most of this market.

In the launch of StakeDAO, we first implemented investment strategies because they allow us to accumulate voting rights in Curve[30]. Curve is a DEX that allows its users to trade tokens with sliding prices[31] Very weak. These trades without price slippage are allowed as all liquidity pairs available on Curve contain assets that are priced similarly to each other. The accumulation of these voting rights allows us to take advantage of Curve, improve the performance of our investment strategies, which are essentially based on this DEX, and allow our users to exchange their tokens at a lower cost. It’s important to note that to be whitelisted by Curve, we had to invest almost $45 million, at a time when their governance token was much less valued than it is today. There is a form of power play surrounding this protocol, where various entities try to capture maximum voting rights.[32]. Today StakeDAO is on your whitelist[33]and we help other decentralized protocols like Frax[34]and soon Rari Capital[35]to take advantage of Curve.

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