Is massaging after eating harmful? | The right time to eat before the massage

After I finished eating a large meal, you may have felt a desire to have a comfortable massage, but I hesitated about that because you do not know whether massages after eating are harmful? If you went through this experience, continue reading the article to get the answer you need.

Is massage after eating harmful?

The goal of the massage is to feel comfortable and relieve stress, so you should avoid the factors that lead to feeling uncomfortable during the massage session, and these factors include eating a large amount immediately before the session without leaving enough time to complete the digestion process, which may cause the damage described in the following paragraph.

Damages of massage after eating

  • Incomplete digestion

Because of the horizontal position on the table, you may experience acid reflux in the esophagus, which may make you feel pain and burning in the chest or an increased heartbeat and pain in the chest wasted from relaxation and makes you feel discomfort, the need to sit and the inability to sleep in a horizontal position.

  • stomach bloating

Which hinders the massage of the stomach and back area and increases your discomfort and enjoyment of the massage and relaxation session, due to the increase in stomach gases and the lack of complete digestion of the foods that you ate immediately before exercise, it is better to postpone the meal until after the session.

  • Frequent need to go to the bathroom

Because the stomach works on digesting food and the intestine needs to empty the food, the massage process is not completed successfully due to deduction, which separates from the schedule required to complete the session, causing the goal of the massage not to succeed, in addition to losing time from the scheduled session.

The best time to eat before the massage

It is best to eat your snack at least two hours before the session and make sure to drink enough water so that you have the best experience during the massage and feel your best, allowing you and the therapist to spend an ideally useful time.

Eating food is better after a massage session and you feel more pleasure when eating after recuperation without tension or feeling the pressure of the day that you went through and the stress that has occurred on your body from work throughout the day or because of dealing with clients professionally in your work.

In order to get the full benefit of the massage, you have to eat a pre-massage meal at a specific time, that is, two hours before it, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, in order to keep your stomach free of food that may cause lack of enjoyment in the massage and not achieve the main goal of it.

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