Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is one of the most important factors in the SEO process if we want to reach the best keywords that we can work on and insert them within our online content.

In a previous topic, we had urged us about keywords, what they are, how they work, what their importance is, and you can access them through this link: what are keywords, their types and importance.

The importance of keyword analysis

In the process of SEO word analysis has great importance and features also that we cannot ignore or not mention, we do this process so that we can:

  1. Find out the search volume on the keyword.
  2. Difficulty with keywords.
  3. Competitors for the keyword.
  4. Access to related words + new ideas.
  5. Rank our keywords in search engines.

Keyword analysis

Criteria for choosing keywords.

Choosing the words you want to use or work on ensures that you have access to the first results in search engines, where each site has its own circumstances and certain words in which it can appear.

We can’t compare a beginner site to a site that has already been working for a long time and occupies the first results in search results, as new sites take a lot of time to be able to compete and appear clearly in search engines, well the criteria for choosing keywords are:

  1. Search volume on keywords.
  2. Choose words that are easy to compete.
  3. Choose words that are relevant to what you offer.
  4. Expected visitor size.
  5. Words that fit the field in which you work.

Now let’s explain these criteria for choosing keywords.

1- It is very important to choose keywords that have a reasonable search rate so that you can benefit from this keyword, what is the point of building a topic about a keyword that no one is looking for or no one is interested in the topic you are going to provide.

2- We want for our new site words that have a low or average search rate and at the same time we must look at the competition for the keyword and who are the competitors for these keywords and their strength in search engines.

3- Testing keywords related to the topic you are talking about is one of the very important things in the process of improving the ranking of results, as it helps search spiders in understanding what you are doing in your website as it increases the strength of pages and content.

4- There are keywords that have a low search rate and competition, but it is a word from which no visits come, so what is the use of working on words that are useless and will not bear fruit.

5 – Choosing keywords for your site or blog is one of the things that you should pay attention to, the choice of words randomly and does not suit the field or specialization of your site, they come with opposite fruits or maybe will take a lot of effort and work to reach the required goals

The more related the topics you are talking about, the faster the results will be, as the user experience in your site will become great and that’s what search spiders want to put you in the first results.

Keyword analysis tools and sites

There are many tools and sites through which we can analyze the keywords that we want to work on and extract the best keywords and at the beginning I advise you to use the keyword research tool an easy and simple tool through which you can access a large number of keywords and you can access them through this article: a great free seo tool to search for keywords.

google keyword planner

One of the great tools that we can use in keyword analysis and search for them is Google Keyword Planner.


One of the most important and powerful tools in the field of fully search engine optimization, in terms of keyword analysis, competitors and other very important factors within our website, as we will work on it more than once in the upcoming topics.


One of the very, very wonderful tools is also the Simrush tool, which I consider number 2 in the ranking of my tools after my first tool ahrefs, semrush helps us to reach keywords, search volume, competition, and also has factors that will be explained and clarified in future episodes on the channel or a special topic on the site.


Search engine optimization tools are very many, some of which we actually benefit from and some of them do not benefit us in anything and from the wonderful tools also that we can use in the analysis of keywords is a seranking tool because it has a lot of wonderful features too and relied on it a lot,

The tool will also give you a great free trial that you can learn about before subscribing to it.