Learn about the Tuena massage method

Tui na is a massage technique called, also, “Chinese physiotherapy“. The name comes from the treatment method in which Tuena is performed, that is: TUI – drawing, NA – holding, drawing and holding for power lines are part of the technique.

It is a dynamic massage technique compared to shiatsu , which is a relatively slow pressure technique. Valtwina leads to the flow of chi and blood to the tissues. The Tuena massage is performed while the patient remains fully and comfortably dressed. Applying Twina directly to the skin may cause discomfort and pain to the patient.

In this technique, the therapist uses various methods and methods of massage, with the palms of the hands, arms and elbows, and Tuena depends mainly on the philosophy of Chinese medicine , that is, yin and yang. It is performed on meridians (energy lines) that flow in the body in order to balance the energy in the body, as well as according to the areas of the body, ie, neck, back, palm, knee, ankle and others. It could be said that Tuena does what acupuncture does, but in this technique the hands are used, not the needles. It is worth noting that there are cases in which tuena should be an additional treatment for acupuncture and herbs.

And because Tuena Massage is a fast and dynamic treatment technique (or in Chinese medicine terms, Yang / Scattered technique) Tuena therapy is not chosen for people who have a lack of energy (according to Chinese medicine). For example: for an elderly patient who suffers from chronic back pain for a period of 10 to 15 years, and the pain is not very severe but causes distress, a different technique is used from Tuina. On the other hand, if the patient suffers from severe (severe) lower back / upper / shoulder pain, Tuena treatment can be used in addition to other treatments from Chinese medicine (such as air cups / acupuncture, etc.).

Who are the people suitable for a Tuena massage?

Tuena massage is suitable for anyone at any age, from childhood through adulthood. Tuena can help treat several conditions, the main one of which is the focus of today is orthopedics. But this technique helps greatly in more areas of orthopedics, too, such as: arthritis , facial nerve damage, sleep disorders , digestive problems, and more.

It should be emphasized that the Tuena technique can and is desirable to combine it with other techniques, such as: acupuncture, Chinese herbal treatment, as combining these techniques can achieve better results.

There are classes that cannot be treated with Tuena massage , including:

– People with precancerous tumors who are not under medical follow-up, with an indication of the importance of the type of cancer and its location as well.

– pregnant women. This inhibitor is not proven (a partial contraindication) and therefore treatment with Tuena for pregnant women should be performed by a therapist who has special qualification to treat pregnant women.

Contraindications in the field of orthopedics:

Herniated disc. Treatment with Tuina prevents the acute stage of the problem, as well as the movements that lead to pain.

Also, in osteoporosis, Tuena therapy is contraindicated because this technique is dynamic and intense and could lead to damage / fracture in patients suffering from osteoporosis.

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