Massage Benefits For Everyone – Not Just For Pamperers!

They say that touch is one of the factors necessary for a person to develop. In order for the child to grow, he needs food and an adequate temperature. But just as important is the need to touch. Without touch, the child, it seems, may be in danger of dying. Moreover, they say that touch may even increase a child’s intelligence and developmental ability. So it is no wonder that we crave a pleasant massage at every opportunity?

What are the benefits of massage for the body?

The methods of touching the hands of our therapist are very diverse. From Swedish massage, full body, twin, shiatsu , reflexology, homeopathy, medicinal, aromatherapy, deep tissue – this is just a simple list. Almost every area has a unique massage method. Massage can be done with the palms of the hands, feet, materials such as hot stones and / or various oils. The temperature changes, as well as the force acting on the body, but – in the end, all types of massage have the same goal and the benefits of massage are almost the same – which is to obtain a certain type of relaxation. By applying pressure on the body – the skin, muscles and joints, we release muscle spasms, relieve tensions in the body, improve blood circulation and help flush out toxins and waste products from the body.

What is the importance of massage?

One of the reasons why people should massage infrequently stems from a simple reason – that we don’t care about ourselves. Most people think a special occasion such as a wedding day or the commemoration of the 60’s should happen to go to a spa near home. The common belief is that it is a kind of extravagance, extravagance and that this applies to famous and rich people only.

In other cases, only if, God forbid, a weakening of the body occurred due to surgery, illness or accident – the person devotes once a week for an hour – two hours in order for his body to recover by this type of treatment. We live in an era of anxiety and stress. In the past, perhaps in the days of ancient Rome, massage was limited only to the emperor and the extravagant lives that they lived. Today, however, it is well known that the pressure, competition and aggression that we are experiencing reaps its price from our health. Body and soul health. Spending a lot of time in traffic jams and in front of a computer screen has a role as well. One of the benefits of massage is that it relieves tensions and pressures and relaxes muscle tension.

The benefits of massage in treating different types of stress

The various pressures that we face today are also reflected on us through back pain , head, neck, anger, heart disease, ulcers, and physical and psychological exhaustion. The massage works on the nervous system in the body, and frees it from the pressures that we did not even know they exist in us. The massage process restores balance to the body in terms of muscle tension, heart rate, blood pressure and blood flow. Massage pumps blood towards the heart and provides a rich oxygen supply to the red blood cells essential to the whole body.

More than once during the treatment we feel how the therapist is liberating a place that we did not think was “tight”. Usually, a person who does not undergo massages regularly, who undergoes massage therapy at infrequent periods, feels a certain type of pain that stems from the force applied by the therapist, to release the pressure that has accumulated at a certain point.

Experience about the benefits of massage indicates that the process of massage is a process that helps a person know his body and the way in which his body “exhausts”, that is, it puts pressure on him that leads to contractions, a change in blood pressure, and the like. When massaging is done on a regular basis, the patient learns to distinguish the way his body responds to different situations, and also learns different breathing methods to help him get out of this situation at the right time.

In some cases, the doctor recommends a massage. In some cases, we must consult a doctor to find out whether or not he allows us to treat massage, and to obtain from him a recommendation about the type of massage that may or may not be suitable for us.

Indirect massage benefits

In addition to the immediate stopping of the race of life, massage is the time when we allow someone to touch us. Give us warmth. To be attentive to it. During a massage, something else happens – the massage pumps blood and thus it practically also reaches our internal parts – not only remaining on our large part – which is the skin. Massage helps lower blood pressure, relieves back pain, helps fight depression , diabetes, and some even say it combats infertility problems.

When we feel pain, we sense it through nerves that transmit pain signals to the brain. The process of massaging for a short time blocks these signals from reaching the brain, thus helping to prevent chronic pain from forming. An equally important fact is the secretion of endorphins during massage, and endorphins, as we know, are a substance present in the brain and their secretion makes us feel happy, satisfied and relieved of pain.

The fact is that during the massage, blood flow increases in the body, and the activation of the lymphatic system also produces internal movement within the body. Operating the lymphatic system helps the body fight various infections and clean itself of waste and toxins. So it is also very important to drink water during and after the massage to help the waste products leave the body.

The process of massage allows us to accept and recognize our body, something that we do not all remember, know or pay attention to in our routine life. The process of massage is a movement that invigorates all body systems. Even those that have “calcified” a little. The one that got tired, aged and forgot how to work

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