Massage exercises to get rid of stress in 5 minutes “massage and tension”

Massage exercises to get rid of stress in 5 minutes “massage and tension”

What comes to your mind when I mention “massage exercises” I think it is going to cool spa or sitting on a massage chair, listening to relaxing music and massaging the body with aromatic scents, working to calm the body. All these methods lead to getting rid of all the pains and pains . You can de-stress with simple massage exercises at home in an effort to relieve stress. For example, you can play some relaxing music, sit under soft lights, and light scented candles, just do it in your home bathroom. This is because your body needs you to be taken care of, relaxed and not stressed, so you do not need to spend the weekend at a spa. All of these tips will help de-stress in less than five minutes. By identifying the relationship between massage and stressTension and massage

Tension and massage

Tips for doing massage exercises to get rid of tension: Then start by taking a deep breath to get the oxygen to flow into the body by consciously breathing through the nose and exhaling through the mouth to make sure that you expel a lot of air from your lungs.

Treatment of tired eyes: Are you tired of staring at the computer screen for a long time, produce very tired eyes. To relieve eyes from tired eyes, close your eyes and place your thumbs under your eyebrows at the inner corner of the eyes. And gently press and move your finger around your eyes to the beginning of the nose. Now rub your hands together to warm them, cover your eyes, count from one to five, and then open your eyes.

Soothing the forehead: You can easily press and massage your forehead. Place your thumb under the cheekbones, near your ears. Now, massage the forehead gradually and move your fingers along the hairline in the forehead.

Doing massage exercises on your feet: Once your body starts to relax, get rid of tension in your feet. And by stretching your feet and relaxing and pressing for 10 seconds and repeat that with the other leg.

Neck and shoulder massage exercises: To get rid of neck and shoulder stiffness and tension. Sit upright and take a deep breath, place your hands on your shoulder, leave your head back, and then take out the throat slowly. And now, press your hands on your shoulders and move slowly and gradually towards the neck. Then drop your head forward and massage the neck in a deep circular motion with the tips of your fingers.

Meditation: When you meditate for 3 minutes a day, you can relieve stress and anxiety. And Dr. Ruby’s research at the University of Chicago indicates that daily meditation may alter the nerve pathways in the brain and make you more able to adapt to stress. Very simply you can do this sport by sitting upright, straightening your feet, closing your eyes, and focusing your attention. Have calm music, think of positive thoughts, feel that you are at peace, and put your hands on your belly, so that you will not feel distracted by your thoughts that increase tension.

And here is another way. Take five minutes by focusing on your breathing, sitting upright, closing your eyes, placing your hands on your stomach, inhaling through the nose, and breathing slowly. The process reverses when you exhale through your mouth. Psychologist Judith Tutin notes that deep breathing reduces stress as it slows the heart rate and thus lowers blood pressure.

Talking to others: Socializing is an important way to relieve and cope with stress. It is preferable for him to be face to face, or at least to talk to them on the phone, to talk to him about what happened to you, to obtain advice and advice from him, and to keep your shell strong.