“Massage” is your safe treatment

“Massage” is your safe treatment

Massage or massage is one of the modern treatments that treat nervous tension, migraines and some cases of depression. Naveen Kamel, a specialist in orthopedics and rheumatism, confirms to (Rog) that the massage reduces the heart rate, calms the nerves and reduces pain in the body resulting from fatigue, stress and distracted mind.

Dr. Kamel explains that massage has several different ways to use it, as it is beneficial to the body, the most important of which are: –

– (Massagesweide): – It is a massage in which techniques are used including (vibration, friction, regular clicking to stimulate blood circulation) as it also helps in treating several diseases including (slipping, removing tension and stress, generating energy and increasing vitality as it raises the spirits) And removes joint pain).

– (Foot massage): It helps to reduce pressure and tension as it works on the flow of blood naturally to give the person a feeling of comfort and relaxation, it is not only for the feet but also reaches the entire body as it protects from headaches and improves blood circulation as well.

– (Cellulite massage): It is used with oils and creams to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the back, abdomen, hands, arms and thighs, and it is one of the effective natural remedies recommended by doctors.