Massage reduces growing pains in children

It is known that massaging the body with the hands is important and healthy for every human being, and it works to provide psychological and physical comfort for women and men, but the matter is not only limited to women and men, but child massage sessions may reduce their growth pains.

For his part, German pediatrician Hans-Juergen Nintvich, a former board member of the German Association of Pediatricians and Young People, confirmed that these pains can be reduced in children through massages, stretching exercises, warm compresses and taking a warm bath before going to sleep, noting that growing pains In children, it appears especially in the evening and at night, according to the German Association of Pediatricians and Young People.

Nintvish also warned of the possibility that the pain felt by the child may be due to his affliction with a rheumatic disease, and parents should present their child to a specialized pediatrician at the onset of these pains to verify that they are not attributed to the occurrence of rheumatic diseases, pointing out that children aged Between three and five years, the group is most vulnerable to these afflictions.

It is worth noting, among the health benefits that can be obtained from massage sessions: relief of muscle pain, relief of anxiety and depression, relaxation and deep sleep, strengthening the immune system, and treatment of headaches.