Massage sessions at the Maldives resort of Landaa Giraavaru

Massage sessions at the Maldives resort of Landaa Giraavaru
The spa packages at Four Seasons Resort Maldives in Landaa Giraavaru offer a wide range of acupressure and stroke massages, as well as numerous benefits. Our team will be happy to suggest a range for you to choose from according to your personal needs and preferences.


This unique massage excels at pains and aches and even eliminates them. A combination of specialized traditional techniques from all over Asia, applied with moderate or intense pressure, relieves tired muscles from fatigue. Complement the splendor of this session with your choice of 100% pure vegetable oils and extracts. 60 minutes – $ 175 $ 90 minutes – $ 215 $ 120 minutes – $ 255


Guests wear two pieces of soft, cotton clothing for this oil-free massage. Using the compress method along the body’s energy lines combined with stretching muscles, this Thai massage stimulates the flow of energy and relaxes the muscles to make a feeling of vitality, energy and peace of mind a substitute for tension and fatigue. To enjoy all aspects of this traditional Thai massage, a 120-minute massage session is recommended. 90 minutes – $ 235 – 120 minutes – $ 275

Ku Nai

Tibetan body massage balances the five elements and helps restore a harmonious flow of energy and vitality. An array of oils combines splendidly with the Tibetan techniques of cupping, kneading massages, and acupressure using compresses, hot rocks and herbs. 90 minutes – $ 225

Kundalini back massage

Kundalini is the energy at the bottom of the spine. When awake, it moves up the spine to reach the “third eye” position, increasing energy and spiritual vision. Using breathing techniques, light strokes and cupping on the seven chakras or strength centers, this holistic massage session relaxes the body, restoring its natural energy, energizing and releasing it. 75 minutes – $ 195


“Manipura” means the bright, beautiful jewel in the Sanskrit language. It refers to the solar plexus (naville) chakra – the center of fire and sun that fuels our body’s health and vitality. This treatment stimulates and balances solar vitality inside the body through Marma massage, lymph drainage and application of Himalayan salt compresses on the body. 60 minutes – $ 185; 90 minutes – $ 225

Lava seashells

An integrated rejuvenation experience, in which clam shells extracted from the Pacific Ocean are used to massage the body, increase blood circulation and give the body deep relaxation during a warm, gentle treatment. This treatment, combined with an intense massage and advanced body treatments, will make you extremely energetic and energetic. 90 minutes – $ 235


Full body massage for deep tissue massage enthusiasts or for those who need focused body treatments to release muscle tension and increase joint flexibility. A variety of compression techniques, performed using the thumbs, forearms and elbows, achieve great results. 90 minutes – $ 235 – 120 minutes – $ 275


Carve out a worthy portion of your time nourishing your body and celebrate the amazing changes you are feeling in your body. Where the “pregnancy” massage session helps to get rid of the physical stress resulting from pregnancy safely, comfortably and effectively, as well as it stimulates blood circulation and reduces the feeling of discomfort in different positions of the body and back pain, or it may simply be a period of sleep and comfort during this special period in your life. . This 90 minute session is highly recommended. 90 minutes – $ 235


Indian head massage, or “champi”, is one of the Indian massage arts that has been practiced for thousands of years. Shambi is practiced in all parts of India, from the banks of the Ganges River to the most private places. The body cells are infused with warm, virgin coconut oil mixed with a group of Ayurvedic herbs in order to improve blood circulation, nourish hair and scalp, and treat headaches and other headaches. After cleaning the hair, the scalp and shoulders are massaged with oil, in order to bring about a state of mental clarity and give the hair a shiny look. We recommend that you leave the oil on the hair for two hours after receiving the treatment in order to get the maximum benefit. 60 minutes – $ 125

Massage to get rid of sagging

A unique massage technique that relies on strong movements of the hands from a group of rapid puckering movements in the palm of the hand with the use of Bellabaci (Chinese air cups) on the sagging areas to get rid of them, increase the metabolism rate, lighten the pores and increase the elasticity of the skin. The Ila Body Oil for Vital Energy treatment includes argan oil, juniper, geranium and lemongrass. It helps stimulate and activate the removal of excess fluid from the body. 90 minutes – $ 235


This relaxing Ayurvedic foot massage uses special Ayurvedic oils to revitalize tired feet as well as revitalize various body systems. The feet are soaked and massaged in special herbs in order to prepare them with the lower leg for a massage session. The padhabianga treatment improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and pain in the lower leg, and prevents dehydration, muscle spasms, and other conditions. 60 minutes – $ 155

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