Massage therapy relaxes nerves and removes tension

Massage therapy relaxes nerves and removes tension

There are many benefits to massage therapy, as it is a treatment method that is commonly used to treat many problems such as muscle spasms and pain, also massage is a good way to help complete relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve mental and psychological health.

In this article, we will talk about stress and anxiety massage, the benefits of relaxation massage, and how to do the best relaxation massage.

  • Benefits of massage to reduce anxiety and tension
  • Benefits of massage for depression
  • How massage contributes to relaxation and improvement of psychological and mental health
  • How to do a massage to relax and reduce stress

Benefits of massage to reduce anxiety and tension

Since massage is considered a relaxation method, massage therapy may be able to help reduce stress and promote feelings of calm and deep relaxation. However, although regular massage is widely used by many cultures to treat chronic stress and anxiety, there is not enough scientific evidence about the benefits of massage for reducing anxiety and tension.

Also, in a study conducted in 2010 in Washington, it was found that massage therapy sessions did not have any better results or effectiveness in treating generalized anxiety disorder than heat therapy sessions or even sessions in a room designed to relax an individual.

Therefore, clinical studies are still needed on the benefits of massage in relieving stress and relaxing nerves, and the benefits of massage in treating anxiety disorder .

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Benefits of massage for depression

In the event that a person suffers from depression , massage may not treat depression, but it may help relieve the physical symptoms associated with depression. For example, massage may help relieve lethargy, back pain, joint pain, and muscle pain. Massage can also help relieve fatigue and sleep problems.

How massage contributes to relaxation and improvement of psychological and mental health

The benefits of massage therapy to relax, reduce stress and improve mental health, lie through that massage:

  • It reduces the levels of cortisol , which is called the stress hormone, in the individual by 30%.
  • Increases serotonin and dopamine levels by 28 and 21%.
  • Increases oxytocin levels .
  • Changes occur in the EEG.
  • Increased activity of the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which automatically calms the body and brain during stress.

All contribute to the fact that the massage:

  • It can aid relaxation, which in turn can help get rid of anxious thoughts that cause fear and confusion in the individual.
  • It can relieve muscle pain and tension, improve blood circulation, and increase flexibility in the individual .
  • It can be an alternative approach to the habit of escaping reality and the stress reaction of shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, hyperhidrosis, and chest pain, which are common in people with anxiety disorders.

How to do a massage to relax and reduce stress

There are many types and methods of massage, including Swedish massage , deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu massage and hot stone massage. And when you want to conduct a massage to calm the nerves and relax, it is recommended to have a Shiatsu massage, as it is the best relaxation massage and for people who want to relieve tension and stress, and it is a Japanese type of massage that contributes to:

  • Promote emotional and physical calm.
  • Promote relaxation.
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Relieve headache.
  • Reducing muscle tension.

Shiatsu massage energizes the entire body, but the therapist may focus on specific areas of the individual’s body. During the massage, the masseur will use his hands, palms and thumbs to massage, as he will perform pulsed or rhythmic pressure movements in the areas and points of tension in the body. One can fully dress during this massage, and a Shiatsu massage usually lasts for 60-90 minutes.

Swedish massage and hot stone massage can also be used as a massage to calm the nerves and relieve tension.