Massage to relieve menopause problems

A new study shows that massages with aromatic oil help reduce symptoms associated with menopause in women, such as hot waves and sleep problems.

In fact, the ideal treatment is hormone replacement, but this comes with risks to the woman’s health, so the search for an alternative began.

In the new study, Iranian researchers found that massaging with or without scented oils worked better for 90 women with menopausal symptoms than not using the massage technique.

Dr. Hilda Y.Hutcherson , on her part, confirmedFrom New York (not participating in the study) this opinion, and she saw that it is natural that some massages per week improve the mood of the woman and bring her comfort, especially if some scents are added to the massage techniques known to be effective, such as lavender, which is  distinguished by its ability to relax the soul, which I used in this study. The doctor added that this study may not include all the symptoms of premenopause, because it was conducted on a certain number of women.

It is worth noting that during the study, the women were divided into three teams, the first group receiving treatment with aromatic oils, the second without them, and the third without any direct treatment, and each woman’s eyes were blocked so that she did not know what treatment she was receiving.