Massages and massages are a health necessity, not a luxury

Massages and massages are not a sign or a luxury as some believe, because massage in itself is a cure for many problems and a prevention of many diseases, so the woman from time to time should give her body strong healthy and medical massages at the hands of a specialist, which gives her great benefits for the body.
This was confirmed by Dr. Muhammad Jaber, a physiotherapist, explaining that massage is not a luxury, as many believe, for it is in many cases one of the necessities of maintaining the flexibility of the body and skin and refraining from it deprives the body of useful things, referring to the benefits of massage sessions in a number of points, namely :
– regular massages the body of roughness and legs protect against varicose veins, and stiffness of the circulatory system, which affects the body ‘s movement and health.
Regular and medical massage with natural herbs protects the skin from fading, yellowing, and early dryness.
Massage the areas where hair grows, such as eyebrows and hair, so that the hair grows in abundance.
Be sure to attend a massage session from time to time, and whenever you feel physical, muscle and psychological tension, it helps to get rid of stress and relaxes the body and muscles, and makes the body very flexible and fluid.
– Make sure to massage all the places that you touch for yourself every day, and massage your face and scalp and make blood flow through your body and muscles, and make your body get used to these invigorating movements always.
Massage your skin using everything that maintains its elasticity and elasticity, and makes it more greasy, to preserve its beauty, so use types of natural creams with olive oil, and you prefer to use beneficial oils with a pleasant smell that give the body color, freshness and a beautiful aroma, such as sweet almond oil, glycerine, and others.
Whenever you feel unrelated pains and pains in separate areas of the body, undergo a massage session from a physiotherapist or an experienced natural herbal and yoga therapy.