Massages for pregnant women … but with conditions!

Many changes appear in a woman’s body during pregnancy, and they affect her feelings, as a result of hormonal changes. The woman’s body is stretched, and this negatively affects her psyche, as she is in the last months of pregnancy; She becomes tired and unable to walk and carry out her daily activities, so what is the best comfort for her?

Joan Perm, an expert in pregnant women massage at “Sisters Beauty Lounge”, asserts that massage helps pregnant women relieve stress and tension to a large extent, and among the main benefits of prenatal:

Reduces anxiety, enhances emotion, and rejuvenates muscles.
Reduces joint pain, and improves ease of labor.
It regulates hormones, reduces joint swelling and back pain, and improves sleep patterns.
It reduces constipation, limits stomach stretch marks to a minimum, and facilitates skin tightening.
It enables the pregnant woman to get adequate relaxation, whether mentally or physically.

Benefits after childbirth: It
speeds up the mother’s recovery of her normal body before pregnancy.
Reduces swelling and swelling during the postpartum period, and helps to heal quickly for mothers who have had a cesarean delivery.

Physical relaxation
Sit in a comfortable position, making sure that every part of your body is supported and supported, then focus on tightening and relaxing certain parts of the body, separately, starting first with your toes, then gradually moving upwards; Until you reach the head, then return to your toes again, by the end of this exercise you will feel better.

Mental relaxation
This type of relaxation requires a deep focus, on breathing through inhaling the air deeply, and holding the breath in for several seconds before slowly taking it out, and as soon as the pregnant woman gets organized in breathing; All her muscles relax, she can relax her mind far away, like imagining that she is swimming floating above the surface of the water and under a clear blue sky, and that calm and serenity permeate all around her.

Conditions of massage
– It is preferable to have the massage directly on the skin, but if the pregnant woman finds that her skin has become more sensitive, then she can wear a light cotton dress, and the massage strokes must be firm and regular, to be done gently.
It is recommended to use only oils and safe organic products.

Ensure the comfortable and safe position of the fetus; Using lots of pillows under the head, between the knees and arms, as well as extra support at the abdominal area, as for the arms and feet; It uses upward movements to stimulate blood circulation and reduce swelling of the arms and feet.
In the end, a balm applied to the stomach area is used to get rid of the stretch marks of the abdomen during pregnancy.

Advice provided by
Jun Bayram, the expert in pregnant
women massages: – Pregnant women should try a “lip” pregnancy massage, once a week; Because “Shifa” products are 100% natural, in addition to massaging the feet before and after, where a cream extracted from tropical fruits and chestnut is used for the feet.
They should also massage the warm lava shells for the neck, shoulders and back, but the woman needs proper advice to ensure that the client is not sensitive to heat, as the skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy.
We also recommend the Thai hot compress, which stimulates blood circulation.

As for after childbirth, among the treatments that we recommend to women are; They are hot herbal baths, along with herbal slimming treatments that help new mothers return to their natural body before pregnancy.
Focus the massage on the muscles of the back, or the neck and shoulders, and the lower back; As weight gain during pregnancy affects these areas.
Avoid the area around the wrist of the feet, where the involuntary areas associated with the uterus, and gentle pressure on the area of ​​the breastbone, and avoid the veins in the legs or swollen areas