3 Medical tourism in Jordan treats body and soul together

From here and there, pioneers and nature lovers flocked away from the hustle and bustle of cities, as Jordan provided for the visitor searching for relaxation and natural therapy health resorts that are located in the midst of breathtaking landscapes and wonderful beauty, as there are many therapeutic places for tourism, including the pools of Ma’in and Afra in addition to the amazing Jordanian Humma It is impressive for its hot springs and thermal springs.

It is also characterized by the abundance of mineral water and volcanic mud in it, which makes it therapeutic resorts hosted by large numbers of people seeking hospitalization from various diseases.

Jordan is also considered one of the advanced countries in the field of medical tourism, in addition to natural healing with mineral water, hot water cascades and volcanic mud, the Kingdom is distinguished by the abundance of advanced hospitals, and prestigious doctors who are known on a world level.

Many tourist sites in Jordan are distinguished by the abundance of mineral water and volcanic mud in them, which makes them therapeutic resorts hosted by large numbers of hospital seekers from various diseases, and the most important of these therapeutic resorts are:


Hammamet Ma’in is located 58 kilometers south of Amman, and the area is 120 meters below sea level, and it is 37 kilometers from Madaba.

Hammamet Ma’in .. is considered the largest therapeutic tourist resort in the Middle East. God has endowed it with many distinguished hospitals and world-class well-known doctors who have earned Jordan a well-known position all over the world, as Jordan is considered one of the leading countries in the field of therapeutic hospitalization.

Hammamat Ma’in is located near the sea, south of Madaba, and is famous for its warm mineral spring water, where its temperature reaches more than fifty degrees Celsius. It attracts people and urges them to come to this site and immerse themselves in warm curative water, as this water flows in the form of a wonderful waterfall, where It was found that treatment with hot water is useful in special cases for people with skin diseases, vascular diseases, varicose veins, bone pain, joints, back and muscles, as it relieves the body in general from nervous and psychological fatigue. Also, the presence of sulfur in it makes it hypoallergenic and also useful in cell renewal and anti-aging.

It was visited by Herod the Great and other ancient kings, and a multi-layered hotel was built in 1987 with a 5-star category, and the site was developed into a tourist resort with all facilities for recreation and medical treatment.

Ma’in’s hot, sulfurous water is characterized by the presence of many minerals such as sodium, calcium chloride, as well as a large amount of hydrogen sulfide gas (the excellent sulfur for respiratory diseases), which made its water unique and of high quality.

These springs depend on the rainwater that falls over the high plains of Jordan to feed about 109 springs between hot and cold at the bottom of the valley, and there beside these springs .. there are some caves that are filled with hot water with the smell of sulfur .. These caves are a natural “sauna”. … But it is better to stay for a short period .. and close to the port.

And it was narrated that there are eyes that are characterized by very hot water and very cold water, and there is no separation between hot and cold water, as they follow the same path.

Ma’in attracts thousands of tourists who wish to bathe in these mineral-rich waters for the purpose of hospitalization and the salinity percentage in the water reaches 18%.

At the foot of a deep valley 150 meters below sea level, towering dark mountains are surrounded by geothermal heat, hot water splits fiery rocks to pour out eyes, and waterfalls paint a panoramic painting whose colors are the embrace of nature and its depth is a religious and historical heritage. The resort provides tourists with the intention of treatment and recovery, or for rest and recreation, with its mineral water that cures many incurable and chronic diseases, bathing in hot mineral water and the Dead Sea mud and enjoying its multi-purpose facilities. In addition to the existence of a tourist village that includes chalets, a natural pool, saunas and a public swimming pool, and the specialized clinics in it provide exercise.

The water of Ma’in waterfalls descends from the top of the mountain and creates charming meanders, which complete the waters that penetrate the Mujib reserve towards the Dead Sea through the mountains of Ma’in as an extension to the hotel area via Zara, which is known for its hot waters.

As for the methods of using hot mineral water, which have healing properties, they are varied, including: “Light showers, bubble bath, Jacuzzi bath, water bed, and alternating baths for feet.” Also, treatment by inhaling the steam from mineral water helps to cure chest diseases, especially in chronic smokers.

Afra Baths

Afra baths have been used since ancient times for treatment purposes, and they are used back to the time of the Romans, and they are located 26 kilometers north of the city of Tafila in southern Jordan. The hot waters emanate from more than 15 sources to form floods and waterfalls that collect in water pools full of healing minerals and include the Afra baths area as a center For tourism services and medical clinics for the purposes of medical tourism.

The mineral water in Afra contains calcium, sodium, magnesium, bicarbonate, chloride and sulfate, while this water was called radon water due to the concentration of the radon element in it remarkably, at a rate of (18.3) nanocure-liter, which can be used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, joint stiffness, joint inflammation and muscle stiffness And stimulating blood circulation, atherosclerosis, anemia and some types of infertility.

Jordanian Hevah

Al-Hama is located approximately 100 kilometers to the north of Amman, and is considered one of the most vital therapeutic and touristic sites in the region. A resort has been established in it that provides all tourism and therapeutic services, and includes a treatment center.

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Medical tourism in Jordan treats body and soul together

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