Modern Massages | Using oils, herbs and stones

In this article, we will review the types of modern massages, using essential oils, herbs and stones, and explain the benefits of these oils and herbs for the body.

The methods of massage and massage varied and varied with the advancement of science and medicine in particular, until there became special methods in massage, not only limited to just using the hands and fingers and moving them in a circular motion on the body and applying pressure with the fingertips, but other tools were inserted in the field of massage, which are the so-called methods Modern massages, and these methods include the following:

Massage using essential oils

In this type of massage, the body or parts to be massaged are anointed with a specific oil, and this oil is often with a distinctive aromatic smell, so that the person who undergoes the massage feels comfortable and relaxed, as well as doing the massage.

After the desired area is anointed with oil, hands and fingers are used to massage and rub the body, and the oil is distributed throughout the body, so that it is well absorbed by the skin. Here the benefit accrues to the body not only from the hand massage, but also from the oil used in the massage, so certain essential oils are selected to be used in the massage sessions.

Among these oils are the following:

Oil saturated with water

The type is considered the predominant among all oils used in massage, and it is sometimes called massage oil, and a group of light oils are added to the water and dissolved in it, so that these oils are absorbable by the pores of the skin, such as: coconut oil and olive oil

Sweet almond oil

It is one of the light oils used in massage, and almond oil is considered one of the beneficial oils for the skin and skin, as it works to revitalize the health of the skin and increase its vitality because it contains vitamin E, and this oil also works to lighten the color of the skin to keep it always fresh and pure.

Apricot oil

Apricot oil is used in massage sessions, for its positive effects on the body and skin, as it works to treat infections and pimples in the skin, and it has an effect on calming the nerves, and thus gives the person a feeling of comfort and relaxation while massaging his body with apricot oil.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, which has a pleasant aroma, is used in massages and massages, as it increases skin moisture and reduces signs of dehydration, and it also works to fight wrinkles because it contains vitamin E.

Jojoba oil

It is characterized by its wonderful effects on the skin and skin, as it strengthens the skin, enhances its radiance, and protects it from wrinkles and signs of aging, so it is used in body massages and massages.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil has amazing benefits for the skin, as it contains a large amount of vitamin E, which is able to nourish, moisturize and protect the skin from dryness and damage, and avocado oil is easily absorbed by the skin.

olive oil

Olive oil is one of the natural oils rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which treat wrinkles and infections in the skin, nourish and moisturize it to make it always in a pure and healthy appearance, so this oil is used in body oils in massage sessions.

Massage using herbs

There are many herbs that are characterized by their ability to calm nerves and decompress nervous tension, as well as their ability to nourish and moisturize the skin and treat its damage, so these herbs are added to the massage oil, and these herbs include the following:


Lavender is one of the herbs that have special powers beneficial to the body, as it helps in treating infections and burns in the skin, and it also works to purify the skin from impurities and cleanse it.

Chamomile flower

Chamomile flower has cleansing properties, as it works to treat skin infections and dark spots, and this herb also helps in whitening the skin, so it is often used with massage oil in massage sessions.

Lemon Balm

This herb is characterized by its ability to calm nerves, reduce stress levels, and provide a person with a feeling of calm and relaxation, so this herb is frequently used in massages.

Hot stone massage

This type of massage is done by placing hot stones in certain areas of the body, and then massaging each area with the stone placed on it.

The heat present in these stones, along with the massage, relaxes the muscles, thus reducing the levels of tension in the body, as well as relieving the tension and stress affecting the muscle tissue, in addition to it stimulates blood circulation and helps the body to get rid of toxins.

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