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Before we list the benefits of massage for the muscles, let us remember the definition of massage, which is a general term called the process of scrubbing and rubbing different parts of the body and works to relax the body and calm its nerves, and therapeutic massage is one of the types of physical therapy that is used in the treatment of many cases related to problems of organs of the body, including the muscles.

In this article, we will briefly explain the types of massages used to treat muscle problems, then we will go into the topic of this article and we will list the benefits of muscle massages and the benefits of using olive oil during massage in detail, and we will conclude this article with a general advice about the best times to do massage.

Types of massages used for muscle problems

Swedish massage

It is a light massage that helps relax, as it relieves the muscles and the entire body from muscle spasms and stress because once the body gets rid of tension and stress, the muscles and joints relax and regain their flexibility, in addition to reducing joint pain resulting from daily striving and exertion, and the relaxation massage has an influential role in Eliminate toxins that lead to nervousness and depression.

Sports massage

Similar to Swedish massage, it is used to treat sports injuries and reduce their occurrence.

Deep massage (deep teshu)

It is a massage that treats muscular conditions.

Massage can be divided as a type of alternative medicine or complementary medicine, as Chinese medicine focused mainly on massage, and its importance appeared as an effective treatment in relieving psychological tension, body pain, and reducing muscle tension, as the muscles cover the vital organs in the body and represent a part Essential in configuring those devices.

The benefits of massage for the muscles

From the above, it can be said that the benefits of muscle massage extend to all body systems as well and are not limited to muscles only, and these benefits include the following:

Reducing muscle pain

Muscle massage improves blood circulation and works to increase the flow of blood, and therefore the diligence to massage the muscles reduces the pain and inflammation that affects them, and it also treats chronic pain that affects the back.

Eliminate stress and anxiety, treat depression and complications of excess nervousness

Muscle massage helps reduce the level of tension in the body, and is an effective and effective factor for better restful sleep, thus it treats depression and insomnia related to stress.

Reducing digestive problems

Muscle massage has an important role in treating disorders of the digestive system, such as constipation.

Headache treatment

Muscle massage has a direct and effective effect on the brain, as evacuating the body from toxins improves its tissues, and muscle massage helps in treating tension headaches due to the lack of oxygen needs of brain cells.

Boosts immune system strength

Muscle massages increase the number of white blood cells and improve the immune system in people with immunodeficiency.

There are many other benefits such as:

  • Helps relax muscles.
  • It works to prevent muscle atrophy caused by inactivity with old age, or due to prolonged treatment.
  • It works to quickly get rid of fatigue and fatigue, and speeds up the healing process from injuries and wounds.
  • It increases the utilization of the muscles and joints from the food.

The importance of olive oil for muscle massages

The use of olive oil in body massage is due to the fact that it helps in the elasticity of the skin and increases blood flow in the main muscles, and massaging the body of athletes with olive oil after performing exercise helps in speeding up the process of healing bruises and muscle spasms, because it contributes to increasing blood flow to the muscles, and it works The rapid elimination of metabolites such as lactic acid, so using olive oil maintains overall muscle health.

What are the appropriate times to practice muscle massage?

To ensure the best results, muscle massages should be done at the following times:

In the morning before starting your daily activity.

Because doing a muscle massage in the morning after waking up and before getting busy with the daily routine is one of the best habits to face a day full of hard and exhausting work.

In the evening after the end of daily activity

Also, the practice of massaging the muscles in the evening after spending a stressful and long workday frees the body from tension and pressures.

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